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Well, it never is for me. As my day of cleaning, I have much work to do this week in my apartment. Then I have some reading and some writing which I need to get done sometime during the day.

I got news that my story, “Fermi’s Pair of Ducks” was rejected, so I will find a new place to submit it to soon. And now I am free to submit another story to them (once it is polished up).


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Another Early Morning

I was beginning to be able to sleep in; it is something I am pushing for, to overcome my natural tendency to wake up extremely early in the morning.

The past couple days, this has not happened. Last night, I couldn’t get to sleep; this morning I woke up early. I probably had five hours of sleep. I hope I will get some rest today without interfering in the work I want to do; I also hope I won’t be too tired to get that same work done. Sometimes, days like today, I feel a rush of adrenalin and get more done than expected; we will see. But I still want to be able to sleep in.

Hopefully tomorrow.

This morning, it is back to cleaning my apartment, and this afternoon, I hope to get some more fictional writing done. We shall see if the second happens.

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I Finished a Short Story

Over the last few days, I was able to quickly write a short story, Fermi’s Pair of Ducks,  edit it, have a friend at CUA look over it, re-edit it according to his comments, and polish it off. 

The story didn’t exactly go as I planned when I first thought it out. There were aspects of discovery I wanted to have in it initially, but I didn’t know how to make it happen in such a short space. So I left some things a mystery — and it probably is the best, since the author should know more about the events in a story than what they write down.

Nonetheless, I submitted it to http://www.strangehorizons.comfor their magazine. Having an online place to submit short stories makes it easier than having to print it out and send it off. Now, I just hope it gets accepted.

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