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Persecute Bad Economists?

It’s getting quite cool, although some of it is relative. The high was in the low 70s, but with a strong wind, I felt chilled in it when I was outside. If it were like that after a cold winter, I am sure it would feel hot. But right now it is coming from a warm Summer, so it’s chilly. I like it cooler like this, so I shouldn’t complain, but I think the wind was too much yesterday.

When listening to Bush yesterday for his “rescue plan” for the economy, the thing which made me laugh was when he said “persecute” for “prosecute.” I’ve got to wonder. Was it a Freudian slip?


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That’s Cool

It’s hard to believe how radical a shift in weather we have had from Sunday into Monday. Sunday we were having record highs, Monday, no, it wasn’t a record low, but it was cool, very cool; I liked how it felt, and it is going to be like that again today. No rain has come through to make this happen, though the breeze was strong enough to make me think a new front did come through.  The best thing about this is that it’s going to feel much nicer today than it normally does when I am dressed up for teaching.

I found a copy of Gene Wolfe’s newest novel, An Evil Guest,  on Sunday evening, and read through it over the last couple of days. It was an interesting one, but there are many elements to it I have to figure out – there are far more puzzles to it than the last book, Pirate Freedom — starting with the name of the book itself. Who or what was the guest? It’s also his Lovecraftian story — though more along the lines of Derleth than Lovecraft proper.

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Sun not Rain

I don’t expect the fire alarm was with a real fire, but I don’t know what set it off. Was someone cooking or did someone hit one of the alarms? I don’t know, but I do know, it annoyed me to know end that I woke to a fire alarm like that. It started the day off wrong, and had me a bit out of it because of it throughout the day.

We were supposed to get rain on Saturday, but instead, we got a hot, humid day — with lots and lots of sun. I don’t know where the forecast went wrong with this one, but it’s clear, they were very, very wrong this time. Not even an overcast sky. Just a strong, blue sky with some nice, strong — but non-stormlike –clouds and sun, sun and more sun. That’s all it was. If it had rained, it would have helped with the humidity; as it is, I am afraid today will be more of the same.

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What a Beautiful World

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday. The sun was out. There were some light clouds painting the sky, enough to make sure the sky was neither monotonously blue nor overcrowded, leaving room in the morning for the moon to be seen. There was a nice breeze, and very low humidity. It was way too good to stay inside. I don’t know if it will be the same today, but yesterday, I just had to go out, relax, and take it in. There are few days in a year which I feel as if it is perfect outside; yesterday was one of them. And so, when I read, I read outside. Of course, I had to watch where I sat, because I’ve noticed some places are more likely to draw out the insects the others; I had to move away from one bench when I saw this huge bee circling the flowers next to it. The way it looked, I was pondering whether or not it looked like it might have had some “killer bee” DNA in its mix. When I noticed it, and saw it was not moving beyond the flowers, I new I was the one to move (I didn’t want to risk doing any action which would anger it; with as big as it was, I knew any sting would be a serious problem to deal with).

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Just a Beautiful Day

It was a near perfect day yesterday. That is, for the weather. It was cool, with a slight breeze, and yet bright and sunny with just enough clouds painted in the sky to make sure the sky radiated the beauty of the day itself. It was one of those days when it is just nice to sit outside and take it in all of the wonders of God’s creation.

But of course, it didn’t last. In the evening, we got several short storms; none of them seemed to last more than five minutes (they probably did), but they contained everything needed to be a storm: rain, lightning, and thunder. Thankfully, by this time, I was inside, and so it didn’t affect any of my enjoyment of the day itself.

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The weather on Monday was interesting to say the least. The morning was quite beautiful. It was cool, but sunny, and it was nice to be out in it. But it was known that we would get hit with thunderstorms during the day. It didn’t look like we would, so the weather reporters on television made sure people knew they needed an umbrella for later during the day.

It was quite a bit later when the storms came, and when they did, they came in quick. One minute it was bright and sunny, another minute it was getting dark and a few drops of rain could be felt, and finally about twenty minutes later, it was dark and starting to thunder.

While I expected it, and so it wasn’t a surprise to me, it made me think about how quick things can change without warning. It’s not that we should worry — as Jesus pointed out, we should not be anxious about the future– but it also explains why we should be flexible with life, and willing to let things run their course, and never over-predict the future based upon our current expectations. Think of life as a race (as St Paul does); when the race track turns around, the worst thing to do is to not follow it, but to run off the course and into the stands. Not only will you lose the race, it’s quite likely you will get hurt.

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It was terribly hot yesterday; the kind of day that the best thing one can do is just stay inside. While it was foggy in the morning, once the fog left, it was hot and sunny until the evening, when we had some random thunderstorms. So the sun scorched the earth before the night sky came back with its lightning; one could imagine that the sun in the day and the moon at night night were trying to make war with us and show us which is more powerful of the two. The sun won this round.

Thankfully, Doctor Who was on yesterday; it was an interesting, although I think a bit confused, episode (Forest of the Dead). I can’t help but feel elements in it were put in for the sake of the future: there were many questions left unanswered. Who made the library? When does the Doctor meet River Song? Will we see River Song in the future? Will she be released from the library eventually? Did Moffat hint at the changes he is about to make when he takes over for Season 5?

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