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New Video

I started this video last summer, but many things got in the way of my doing what I wanted to do with it. The figures would not stand up; Ash’s legs fell off. Eventually, other things got in the way, and after getting 3/4 of the way done, I stopped work on it.

But I’ve wanted to finish it, and fix a few things when I did so. I know I won’t now. I decided to take an hour this morning and add a very quick ending. I wanted to use more effects, to show Sutekh shrinking after Ash’s magic spell. Instead, it’s still happening, but the spell turns everything dark as well (heh heh simple, easy). Then there is a quick (very quick — don’t blink) resolution.

At least one can now see what kind of short video I had planned, even if in this imperfect version.


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