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A Nice Gift

Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling refreshed. During the day, I slowly began to drag and feel that I had not fully recovered from the weekend. Sadly, Tuesday evening I was not able to get to sleep when I went to bed, and I woke up a few minutes early than my normal time this morning. I don’t know what that will mean for the day, but it does mean, right now, I feel as if my sleep was not as refreshing as it should have been.

I went out yesterday in the morning to get the newest Stargate movie; I used a giftcard to buy it, and watched it during my lunch “hour.” I enjoyed it for what it was, and understood, like all Stargates, what it would not be. Ba’al is always an enjoyable villain, and he is in this one as well, though I feel they wanted to have their cake and eat it too — to have this be his last story, but if something happens and they can do another movie, they have a way out and he can still be a threat in the future. I just don’t see why they felt they had to have his story “end,” and why they don’t bring him over to Atlantis. It wouldn’t hurt that show at all.


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Saturday Morning Cleaning

After collecting all my trash for the week, and throwing it out, I was surprised at how little it was. Usually I get through two bags a week, but this week, I had only one bag and some lone boxes to take to the trashroom. I wonder what caused such a difference.

When I was done with my cleaning, I took some time to watch an episode of Robin of Sherwood. Until this week, I had only seen clips of the Jason Connery episodes, and what I saw didn’t seem to impress; but, I think I prejudged them too harshly. While he is not as good as the first Robin, he does a fair job with the role, and the stories so far have all been great. I really appreciate the feel of the show, and nothing since it was shown has been able to pull off anything similar. It tries to integrate the leftover pagan traditions which would have existed in England at the time with the developing Christianization of the nation, showing the good and bad of each.  

The BBC has started their Doctor Who Advent Calendar; hit today (day 1) for a Christmas greeting from the Doctor and Kylie.

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It’s Monday Already?!

And here it is, third day in a row, I wake up early. It seems it is becoming a habit. There has got to be a way to counter-act it. I don’t want this to become my new normal time for waking up. It is not doing by any good. I will certainly need a lot of coffee today; and hopefully tomorrow I will not wake up so early.

Television at this time is normally dreadful, but at least on Mondays some stations re-televise their Sunday news shorts at this time. From what was available, I decided to put on Dateline NBC as my background noise.

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The Future of Doctor Who

Since 2005, the return of Doctor Who has been an unqualified success. Its executive producer and chief writer, Russel T. Davies, has helped bring it back to the limelight, with the show earning several major awards from the British and Science Fiction communities.

Because RTD has wanted to work on other projects, the BBC raised the question, can Doctor Who continue without him? RTD, it seems, is also uncertain as if he wants to give up control over the show he helped relaunch. While many Doctor Who fans (myself included) think it might be time for him to move on and let others work on the show, it seems like this will not be happening anytime soon.

Instead, RTD will be able to take a break from Doctor Who, putting the show on hiatus in 2009. To make sure Doctor Who will still have some sort of presence on tv in 2009, there will be three specials produced for that year, and then the show will return with a “full season” in 2010. David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, is scheduled to play the Doctor for the 2009 specials. There is no word as to whether or not he will continue for the 2010 series.

While this means we have some sort of idea where Doctor Who will be in the future, there are many questions which have not been fully answered. Ian Levine, former adviser to the show during the JNT years, had heard the BBC were considering a cancellation of the series for 2009, and I suspect this is probably the truth. RTD probably would have ended his time as executive producer in the 2008 season, and the show would have, with RTD’s exit, been stopped. After all, JNT faced a similar situation in the 80s — if he quit as executive producer, he was told the show would end. It does not matter the show is a success. The BBC is afraid to let others handle the show, because they do not know how successful they would be. The show costs a lot of money to produce, and so they want it to be an unqualified success to justify that expense. However, we do not know, when 2010 comes, if RTD will still be the executive producer, how many episodes will be made, or even if they will be shown on Saturday evenings (Doctor Who’s traditional time). Back in the 80s, when Doctor Who was given an eighteen month hiatus, the show never recovered. I fear the same will be the case here.

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Not the Nine O’Clock News

First day, third post.

Hopefully this will not be the norm. Most of the time, I expect, I will try to do one post a day. Yet — I’ve started watching an old BBC commedy sketch show called Not the Nine O’Clock News, and wanted to comment upon it. Many of the sketches are hilarious, although not always clean. Most of them are very non-P.C. They can and do insult everyone. Because of this, the show almost never made it past its pilot episode. Yet, once the show was broadcast, it became quite popular. More importantly, it was also the show which started Rowan Atkinson’s career.

Here are two different skits from the show:

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