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While it is still hot outside, I must be getting more used to it, because it didn’t feel as bad yesterday as before. I think we had more of a breeze yesterday than we have had for a few days, and that certainly helped, but even when it was not there, it just did not feel as bad as I expected. I was able to enjoy it, to some degree, yesterday, as I would sit outside from time to time, reading Bergson’s essay on laughter. While I can understand why this text is a classic, and I can see so much of its dictates being used in early cinema, I also felt many things he said did not explain my experiences with laughter. He seemed to believe laughter is a great social phenomena, strongest in a large crowd, and not to be experienced in any length of time when alone. However, the question I have for myself — is he right or wrong in general? And if he is wrong, is it because there has been a cultural shift and what he said met the experiences of his time? Or is he generally right, and my experiences are unique?

Nonetheless, during the afternoon, my fatigue was bad, but not extreme; I only had to rest for a few minutes before I was able to get back to work. In the evening, while tired, I just couldn’t get to sleep, nor stay asleep. I woke up early this morning, and wonder if it is going to affect me today or not.


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Even Cooler

We’ve dropped another fifteen or so degrees since this time yesterday; now that’s more like it. If only it would level off and stay like this for a few days, then everyone would be able to adjust to it, instead of having the situation where every day feels like it’s been pot-luck with the weather.

For my side reading, I’m going through Bulgakov’s Lamb of God. I’m finding it is a slow read because there is so much useful material in it. Of course, I don’t agree with all of Bulgakov’s points, but some of his analysis is brilliant.

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It’s another warm day here, although I don’t think it is supposed to get as hot as yesterday. I hope not: because the heat, while nice outside, still is suffocating while in the inside, making my fatigue that much worse. And that doesn’t help with my mood (I know, when my energy is at is lowest, my frustrations are at their highest).

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Still Irritated

While it is better, my eye is still feeling irritation and I am using my eye drops to help give it some relief. When I wake up, though, there is no crusting over the eye, which should be a good sign it isn’t something like pink-eye. But there is still enough irritation that it is annoying when I am trying to read or write.

It’s another warm day after last week’s chills. The roller-coaster ride we have had with the temperature continues this week. If last week is any indication, I expect we will be below freezing by the end of the week.

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