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Now the question is when the great wall of DC will melt.


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Snow? In October?

My class, I felt, didn’t go too well. I really didn’t get to express the teaching behind the different philosophical schools, only aspects of how they go about the philosophical discussion. Even that, I don’t think, was clear to everyone. But I think I will have a second chance, and later this semester I will be able to focus on Vedanta. And then I will be able to put more detail to what it is, which, of the schools, is the most important one to focus on.

In the morning, one person I talked to, while waiting for the CUA library to open, said he had heard that we might get snow. While I didn’t think it is likely, it was too warm for snow, throughout the day it seemed more and more plausible — the temperature dropped, and brought in strong winds, winds which have been with us overnight. I know, to the West of us, near the mountains, there are now snow alerts: but that relates to the mountains, which always get snow before everyone else.  I don’t know how cold it is outright now, but I wouldn’t be surprised, if we started getting some precipitation, it would be snow not rain. Nonetheless, it’s not happening.

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This Time We Did Get Hit

The winter storm just brought with it a nasty mix of snow, rain, sleet and ice. Looking out my window, I can see some of the snow on the ground; but it is the freezing rain and sleet which is on top of it, which makes it rather bad outside.

For safety sake, I will skip going to CUA today. The sidewalks are going to be hazardous and the roads even worse. I will just work at home. Things should get better by mid-day as the temperature gets above freezing, but just, this morning, everything is going to be bad.

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Winter Storm Warning

Yesterday, we were told that snow, sleet and ice could make it into the area. Apparently, this happened, but I don’t see any of it where I live. But that was only the first strike. Tonight, and into tomorrow, we are supposed to have another such wintry mix. This time, I suspect we won’t be so lucky. Tonight, it is supposed to be snow, tomorrow, it is supposed to be freezing rain throughout the morning. But it seems that the forecasters are uncertain with this one. Apparently, we are still under a Winter Storm Watch despite the fact that the next expected blast is this evening. Winter is once again showing its power after summer-like weather at the beginning of the week.

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Yep, It’s Still Winter

The big news is that we will  have another mix of snow/sleet/ and ice today. I’ve been led to believe DC was not one which got much snow, but I am beginning to think that might not be the case. Sure, DC does not often get hit by a huge amount of snow at a given time, but it does get snow, and several times each winter.

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snow.jpgSnow can be beautiful to look at. Just look at a picture of a snow-covered land, and one can see its majestic qualities. Certainly this explains why many desire a “white Christmas” each year.  

But when one has to go out in it, as we in the DC area now have to do — snow takes on a new dimension, and one which few enjoy. Most of us complain about the snow and the difficulties it brings. Driving in it is dangerous; walking in it is not much safer. We must be extra careful when we go out. But when we complain, we should still be grateful for the snow. It is seasonable weather, and without it, we would probably have worse things to complain about, i.e., killer bees.

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It’s the feast of my patron saint, but, unlike St Anthony, who lived in the hot desert of Egypt, I have to face the cold, wintry weather of January in the metro DC area. Instead of the golden sand of the desert, we have white snow.

The old microwave, which gave out, has now been replaced. The new one seems to be a step up, with much more power than the last one, but I wonder now how much of that is that the old one was just losing power and I didn’t know?

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