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More Lack of Sleep

While I got more sleep going into Thursday, by the time I was done teaching, I was exhausted, and needed a few hours of rest (which I got) to regain energy. While I did not nap, I did lie down, and take it easy. When I was beginning to feel better, I started my laundry, and went back to resting. Thirty minutes later, I went to move my wash into the dryers, and noticed one of the washers had broken down while I was doing my laundry, and I had to move all the clothes in it to the other washer as I started to dry one load of clothes. I was really annoyed about this, especially since the transfer required me moving a bunch of wet, semi-dirty, clothes, geting wet in the process. At least the clothes finally got washed, freeing me this weekend to do other things instead.


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Yesterday, I woke up several hours early, and couldn’t get back to sleep. While I don’t think I was dragging all day, I know it did affect me, making it impossible to do the kind of work which I wanted to do. For the most part, the only thing I was able to do was prepare for class today; which of course, was one thing I had to do, but not the only thing.

I wasn’t able to get to sleep immediately last night, but I did end up getting more sleep than the night before, and so I am at least feeling better today.

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No Sleep

Tired. That’s what I am going to be today. I just couldn’t get to sleep, nor stay asleep, last night. My normal way of getting my mind to quiet down and help me get to sleep, that is, listening to my newest Doctor Who audio drama, didn’t work. Hopefully, some activity (cleaning up my place), some food (breakfast), and some coffee will help; but I know I will need a nap sometime today if I am going to be able to think properly today.

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Everything is going well, very well, with my father’s recovery — so far; but prayers are always needed as he continues to heal, to make sure everything continues to go as well as they have. All the main work has now been done; depending upon how well things take, all that is left is possibly a minor tweak.

I took a walk yesterday morning (for a little more than an hour), to “get out to nature” and also to just contemplate and pray. It was a nice, brisk walk, and do-able because the temperature was not excessively hot or humid. But one thing I did note: in the park, it says dogs should be kept on leashes and cleaned up after — but the people who take their dogs there don’t obey those rules. It was the most unpleasant part of the walk yesterday, having to look out for what the dogs left behind (which can sometimes mix in with the dirt in the many trails in the park). The main reason, it seems, is that the people who take their dogs there go to jog with their dogs, and don’t want to stop just because their dog is doing something in the woods!

Despite the walk, my energy was still low; I’ve been having sleeping problems again. I’m not sure where they are coming from. I was beginning to sleep well (or better, at least) at night, but now I am waking up “early” again. It puts extra stress on me in the day, especially since I know I have to try to stay up so not to get into a worse pattern.

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Yesterday, my energy was still at a low, and I had a couple hours in the afternoon when I was just resting (sleeping, or better yet, trying to sleep). But then, once I got that out of my system, I slowly was able to feel better in the later afternoon and evening; so I went outside to read, and enjoyed the nice, cool breeze and the not too hot temperature, making it feel ideal. But I know this can’t last for too much longer; it’s only the beginning of August, normally the hottest, stickiest month of all.  

But then this morning I woke up, my throat is feeling a bit off, my nose feels a bit stuffed, and I’ve already sneezed a couple times. It feels as if I am just at the verge of a cold, but it might not be; could be allergies, and so will have to find out later in the day and see how I feel throughout the day.

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Ugh. Friday morning I woke up way too early. Two hours too early. It made the day drag, more so after lunch than before. Around 9 am, I was tired. I was able to take a brief nap in the afternoon which helped, but I was more than ready for bed when evening came.

Clearly, I don’t think my head was as clear as it should have been yesterday because of it. Yet, I decided to tackle Derrida in that state. He’s slow reading, though interesting. Difficult if one has not read much of the philosophical narrative which is used as the foundation for his thought — but like all philosophers, I think one could read (and then re-read) his works and begin to understand them, if one wanted to. No philosopher, no theologian, is too difficult to understand – if one takes the time to study them. The problem is one must take the time and treat it like exercise: things might not seem to be working at first, but eventually one will see a big change and everything comes together. Nonetheless, while I think Derrida has important things to say, I wouldn’t tell people to read him first if they were looking to get into philosophy (I would point to Plato like so many others; though if one wanted to start in the modern era, I would point to Hegel).

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Caught Up On Rest

After having two days without as much sleep as I am used to, hanging out with Sean, Monday was a day where my fatigue and lack of rest got to me. I wasn’t completely out of it all day (thankfully), and I did get some reading done, but I felt like I was going on pure adrenaline. When I went to bed, I quickly fell asleep, and slept through the night waking up only around the time I normally wake up at. It was as nice a night of sleep as I’ve had for quite sometime.

The mail came late yesterday; I finally got my own copy of Theologie der drei Tage yesterday (the original text of Mysterium Paschale). I had ordered it from a German bookshop back in April, knowing it would take some time to get here. I didn’t think it would be this slow. I was beginning to think it had got lost in the mail, and was going to inquire about it if I didn’t get it soon. Thankfully, I didn’t have to.

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