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When it rains, it pours

Two days with a back ache, three days of my right eye being irritated, over a week of a cold. My body is just being tortured, in many different ways at once. The cold has always been mild but there, causing a bit of energy loss, and discomfort in my throat, but now it is really beginning to exit through my nose. That is both good and bad; it means it should be almost over, but before I am better, things will be worse. Ick. Good thing tomorrow I don’t have to teach (my class will be watching a video).

Yesterday I watched some classic WWII cartoons. Am I the only person who gets a kick out of such WWII propaganda? From the Three Stooges, to Popeye, to Looney Tunes, to Abbot and Costello, some of the best comedic work was done for propaganda reasons; my enjoyment is, of course, does not necessarily come from any agreement with the message (when it is offensive, such as racial stereotypes), but seeing how far things have changed. Or, when viewing shorts like “Russian Rhapsody,” I laugh at the fact that some who were seen as good (“Papa Stalin”) were worse than some of our foes. It shows how alliances justify associations, something which is as true today with the War on Terror as it was during WWII.


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The Two Colds

Whatever this cold is, it is still trying to hold on; it’s in there, in my throat, mild enough that I can be active, but… it just doesn’t want to leave. It seems others have the same problem; one person I talked to at the library said he stayed home one day because of it, after thinking he had gotten better. It just hangs in there. But now I also get a few sneezes throughout the day.

I’m sure the weather fluxuations is not helping things. Early on in the week, it was quite warm, making it even worse while inside. Now it’s cooled off; there was a constant chill in the air all day yesterday. It was nice, because it helped cool off my apartment; but I am sure going out in it after the heat just confused my body more, making it difficult for it to do what it needs to do with the cold.

Colds, it often seems, thrive on the cold.

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Saturday — a Day of Rest

For Saturday, I tried to take it easier and rest a bit; the cold was feeling better, but nonetheless, still there. It’s hard to tell if it is the calm before the storm; whatever was in my throat has loosened up, but it really hasn’t been expelled. So, I did a brief amount of cleaning in my apartment, and read another PKD novel during the day (Eye in the Sky). While the beginning of the novel was quite compelling, the ending fizzled out, so it’s not one of Dick’s best stories, but it had its moments.

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It’s fall, and the trees are beginning to change, but with fall, there is Indian Summer. That appears to be this weekend. It’s relatively warm outside during the day, but cool in the mornings, making one having to prepare for a diversity of possible weather conditions.

Combine the cold and the heat of the day as it makes my apartment uncomfortable (with no air conditioning on now), and it makes for a situation that just makes me drag all day. The good news is that it seems that whatever it is that is in my throat is loosening up now, but the bad news, is that means it is slowly moving up to my nose, and I expect a lot of mucus any day now. And then there is the arthritis. I could see the swelling in my fingers on Thursday, but they look better this morning; I tried not to type out much yesterday, and I think that helped.

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It looks like I might be getting sick. Last night, when I went to bed, I felt extremely chilled, and I had to add an extra sheet to help make me feel warm. This morning, I now feel something is going on in my throat. It is that time of year, when people get sick, so it is not surprising I caught something. Thankfully, it so far is not too bad, and hopefully I can burn it out today before it gets worse.

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Last night, for several hours, I was constantly coming in and out of sleep. When I would wake up, I noticed I felt a bit sick in my stomach. Eventually I was able to get back to sleep and stay asleep for about four hours, but once I woke up this morning, the stomach is still feeling not too good.

I think it might be something I ate. I expect it is. But I can’t be sure (if it were, my guess is it was the cottage cheese I had with supper).

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Did I get out of the frying pan and into the fire? I was feeling a bit sick and under the weather, but then I got better. Yesterday, I woke up with a cold sore in my mouth. Then later during the day I just didn’t feel too good, the way one feels like when one has a fever. I wake up this morning, and now I have a sore throat again, and my nose seems like it is filling up once again.

That is one of the bad things living in DC. When I take the metro, anything which is going around, comes around to me.

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