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Surprising Sunday

Yesterday morning, I was planning to go to Target before church, and to get a few odds and ends I needed and they sold at fair prices. When I got to it, I found it was closed until 11 — the whole area it was in was being blocked off by police so they can train how to deal with a sniper in a public area like a mall.

Once I got to church, I was surprised at how quick liturgy went; it was one of the quickest I’ve had at St Gregory’s for quite sometime. There was nothing extra added to it, to keep it going on and on and on, as often happens. I hope this will be more common; I understand why the extra prayers have been added (many are special requests made by someone in the parish community), but when it happens week after week after week, it becomes too much. I don’t know why I think this, since it shouldn’t affect me this way, but it does. This means I still have that much more work to do with myself to engender a greater appreciation of patience.

The rain we had on Saturday, for the most part, cleared out on Sunday; but it did not do so perfectly, because when I went out in the early evening to do some reading, a small, brief, light shower fell upon me. I decided it was best to go indoors and let it pass — I was, by that time, sitting in an area between the Giant and my apartment, and so I determined that I should go to the grocery store and get my shopping done. By the time I was done, the rain had stopped, and I got what I needed for the week.


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A Giant Mess

Yesterday I went to my local grocery store (Giant) and found out they were renovating it — the store wasn’t closed, so one could shop, but everything was in chaos. It took me awhile to find much of what I was looking for. The place was filled with workers moving food around, changing the shelves, and getting in the way as one tried to go around the aisles. This distracted me, and I forgot to get some things in the morning, and had to go back to get them in afternoon.

And then there was the bird. It was a small one, perhaps a finch. For half of the time I was there, it was flying back and forth near the front of the building, stopping to perch over the vegetables. Then, as I was on the way it, it was clearly trying to find its way out as well, and it was near the doors, trying to figure out how to use them to get out. I hope it did.

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Yesterday was a beautiful, cool day. When I went to get my groceries in the morning, I noticed how much things had changed overnight. I was able to enjoy the lovely weather for most of the day, when, throughout the day, I would go outside and do some reading on a bench. When it began to cloud up in the afternoon and looked like it was going to rain, I decided it was time to stay inside. Since the laundry room was free, I figured that I might as well do a couple loads of my clothes. I thought that the rain would come and go while I did it. Of course, the rain only came later, when I was done with my laundry, and it was only a brief shower.

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Storms? What Storms?

Yesterday morning I decided it was time to get some more food.

Most of the times I go grocery shopping, I forget to get everything I plan on buying when I am there. It is usually only one or two things which I don’t get, and things I can usually wait to get the next time I go. Obviously, the reason why this happens is because I don’t make out a list. I just try to remember everything I want to get when I am at the store. Many people would say I should make out that list, but, as with all note-taking, writing things out with my hand just hurts with my arthritis. It makes it that I write as little as I can. And this will make it that I probably will never write out a complete list. Thanfully it is rare that I forget something I have an immediate need for. This time, I only forgot to get some canned veggies. The worst thing I can remember neglecting to get was toothpaste (I ran out of it in that morning). 

During the afternoon, I was expecting storms, but where I was at, I didn’t see any. I heard from others in the area they were about to get some, so it seems they did come through the area, just none of them as far north as I was. It’s always interesting to me how people in a given metro area can have quite different weather patterns. As a whole, I’ve noticed those south of me usually get more intemperate weather than where I live. I am not sure what to make of that, other than it is another indication that I chose the right area of the metro area to live in. 

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Yesterday, we got into the 70s. It’s now in the 30s, and going to be in the 40s, which will make it feel like a colder day than it actually will be. This constant, quick changing weather is not doing my health any good (although I am feeling better this morning than I did yesterday). I’m especially going to feel it this morning, since it will still be in the 30s as I go to buy some groceries. It will be nearly 40 degree temperature difference from yesterday.

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Earlier this week, I had to buy some vitamins. Looking at what was out, I was surprised at how many of them have fish oil in them. I don’t understand why this is the case. I guess some people think fish oil helps, but for vitamins? 

This is why I always look at labels when I buy something new. One never knows what is hidden in them.

Still, when I take vitamins, half of the time I can swallow them without problem, the other half of the time they can’t get down and just slowly dissolve in my mouth (as is the case right now as I write this). I wish I knew why.


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Upgrades and Other Deals

Soon, I shall be travelling back to my apartment; after that, I will begin to actually write upon sections for my dissertation. It’s all coming together (I hope!). 

In the after-Christmas time I have been with family, I have also been doing a bit of shopping of and for specific items and waiting until I could get good deals on them. For example, I needed more memory for my laptop, and waited until a $100 memory upgrade was an affordable $30 and got it. Now my laptop is a bit better off (Vista, I noticed, was dragging it down way too much; if I wanted to have Citation working with Word and all the virus-protection running in the background, the system memory was getting clogged and sometimes making the computer slow in its response to my commands).

Not everything has been as spectacular a deal as that. I recently bought Volume II of the Complete Segar Popeye Comics, and there was no sale price on it. It had just been released and so it is going to be awhile before it is on sale (if ever).

Max and Erma’s, a place I used to get some good vegetarian food, like a Portobello Mushroom Fajita, has changed their menu, and has only one real vegetarian entree left. It’s a new grilled vegetable sandwich, and it’s not as filling or as interesting as the fajitas. It’s disappointing how so many places which used to have a couple real good vegetarian dishes have started to drop them. At least I know my favorite ethnic cuisines won’t have this problem!

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