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Sunday was a cool day throughout the day. If whatever it is that is in my chest wasn’t in my chest, I would have thoroughly been able to enjoy it. As it is, I was able to appreciate it, but that was all. I did notice from Satuday to Sunday, because of the drop in temperature was mixed with a fair wind, many trees had lost quite a few of their leaves overnight, making leaf cleanup a significant activity being engaged by the workers of my apartment complex. The leaves are, of course, beautiful, but I am getting a sense that the best part of fall will be over by the end of the week.

Hopefully, now that it is cooler, I won’t be eaten up by insects anymore; this year has been the worst year for them. Just last week, I got a few bumps over my skin from them, one which looks like a chigger really got me bad, and will be a couple weeks before it is healed.


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The Impact of Fall

My arthritis is acting up. My hands just hurt all the time. This is probably connected to the weather. I know it is supposed to rain and things are changing with the change in seasons. My arthritis acts up more in such situations. And on top of it all, my allergies are getting bad right now, and last night, my stomach just felt queasy.

Nonetheless, I still love the fall; some trees are already beginning to have their leaves change colors, and the animal life is already beginning to adjust their behavior to suit the change of seasons. I see many groups of birds where the two parents are out with the young which must soon go out on their own (the young are not fully grown, otherwise, I would just think they are flocking together); squirrels seem to be scavenging more, and not just for daily food intake. So far, I’ve not seen any deers, to know how they would be doing. But the best thing, I think, is that biting insects are beginning to decline, and after this year, where I’ve probably been bit more than any other year, that is going to be a good thing.

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Welcome to Summer

The violent storms brought in terrible hot, humid weather in their wake. I wanted to do some of my reading outside yesterday, but everytime I went, I could only last a few minutes before I decided to go back inside. It was just too awful.

It appears that summer is here a couple weeks early (the official date is June 20). 

It also appears it is going to be a scorcher this year.

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Yep, It’s Still Winter

The big news is that we will  have another mix of snow/sleet/ and ice today. I’ve been led to believe DC was not one which got much snow, but I am beginning to think that might not be the case. Sure, DC does not often get hit by a huge amount of snow at a given time, but it does get snow, and several times each winter.

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For the next few days, the weather will be rather crazy. Today we will be having rain — a cold, icy rain, going from mild to moderate before the day is over. On Friday everything will be clear, but then on Saturday and early Sunday, we are supposed to have a wintry mix of sleet, snow and ice.  It’s supposed to clear up Sunday afternoon, which will leave me free to travel on Monday.

It’s that time of year, certainly, but I think we have had a greater variety of weather and a quicker changeover between different kinds of weather patterns this year than any within recent memory.

I wonder what Christmas will be like: warm, rainy, or white?

I am slowly going through John Wain’s memoir; so far, it’s been a good representation of the kind of life and schooling British children went through in the 1930s. That being said, it’s kind of sad and depressing to hear what kinds of lessons Wain got out of them: life is tough, life is rough, be strong, look out for yourself, people will either be a bully or the bullied, etc.  No wonder he was to become one of the “Angry Young Men.”

Things should become better, and far more interesting, once I get to his studies at Oxford under C.S. Lewis and read about his time at various Inkling meetings.

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Wintery Weather Once Again

One day can change everything. Yesterday, we had nice, warm, Fall-like temperatures; today, the temperature has fallen way below freezing. The strong gusts of wind we had yesterday remains, making for a terrible wind chill. We even have a very light amount of snow flying around in the sky, slowly falling down to the ground. It is far too little in quantity and too small in size for it to stick, but that does not make it less telling of the change of seasons we are undergoing now. Indeed, one can almost say the snow looks like fairy dust raining down from the sky, preparing the land for the winter to come.

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It’s Still Fall

The weatherman on the news today reminded everyone that it is still Fall, and it will be Fall for a couple weeks longer.

Today it feels like it. The wintry cold and the rain which came with it (freezing or otherwise) has already left us; instead, we have a slightly warmer, sunnier but breezier day outside.

In many ways, this means it is beautiful outside: the leaves which have fallen upon the ground the last few days are slowly being picked up by the wind, flying around in circles in the air, as if lifted by by mini-tornadoes. One could just sit back, relax, and watch, noticing the way the air currents flow, creating new patterns with the leaves as they fall back down upon the ground.

Sometimes it makes one wonder how much we are like leaves being twirled around by the Spirit, being placed where we are needed, when we are needed to be there, and if we could just sit back and watch the pattern of our life take shape, we could see the beauty behind it all.

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