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Yesterday, we had some short, but furious, thunderstorms. In the morning, the climate was hot and humid, but the storms helped take out much of that humidity, and cooled off the temperature. Once it was past, it was nice — very nice – outside.  Because of how powerful the storms were, there was some concern that we might have some tornadoes develop. Thankfully, that did not happen. And I don’t know if anyone lost power, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some did.

On the calendar for today, we have no special Sunday celebration, but we do have the Feast of St Justin Martyr. He is one of my favorite early saints. He was a philosopher who converted to the Christian faith; he had a broad understanding of the faith and taught it to others with great scholarly skill and insight. He defended Christianity from false accusations. And in the end, he was killed for his adherence to the Christian faith, as his name suggests.


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It’s the feast of my patron saint, but, unlike St Anthony, who lived in the hot desert of Egypt, I have to face the cold, wintry weather of January in the metro DC area. Instead of the golden sand of the desert, we have white snow.

The old microwave, which gave out, has now been replaced. The new one seems to be a step up, with much more power than the last one, but I wonder now how much of that is that the old one was just losing power and I didn’t know?

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