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Surprising Sunday

Yesterday morning, I was planning to go to Target before church, and to get a few odds and ends I needed and they sold at fair prices. When I got to it, I found it was closed until 11 — the whole area it was in was being blocked off by police so they can train how to deal with a sniper in a public area like a mall.

Once I got to church, I was surprised at how quick liturgy went; it was one of the quickest I’ve had at St Gregory’s for quite sometime. There was nothing extra added to it, to keep it going on and on and on, as often happens. I hope this will be more common; I understand why the extra prayers have been added (many are special requests made by someone in the parish community), but when it happens week after week after week, it becomes too much. I don’t know why I think this, since it shouldn’t affect me this way, but it does. This means I still have that much more work to do with myself to engender a greater appreciation of patience.

The rain we had on Saturday, for the most part, cleared out on Sunday; but it did not do so perfectly, because when I went out in the early evening to do some reading, a small, brief, light shower fell upon me. I decided it was best to go indoors and let it pass — I was, by that time, sitting in an area between the Giant and my apartment, and so I determined that I should go to the grocery store and get my shopping done. By the time I was done, the rain had stopped, and I got what I needed for the week.


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So Much For Nothing

We were supposed to get a fairly decent storm (not anything like what had happened on Saturday, but still, a thunderstorm with hail, and possible flooding). I took with myself an overcoat and an umbrella as I went to campus; the overcoat, on top of my suit, made be very, very hot. By the time I got home, there was only the lightest amount of rain coming down, and even after I got home, for maybe an hour, there was only a slight amount of rain which came down. I had suffered with the heat for no reason; but I do know if I had not gone prepared, it would have been the storm of all storms, and everything I had with me would have been ruined. Why is it that it always goes this way?

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Tropical Storm Hanna

From the morning to the early evening, Hanna’s strong gusts of wind and rain rushed on through the area, making it a day to stay indoors. There was no reason to go out in it; an umbrella wouldn’t have protected me from the storm’s harshest blasts of rain — if anything, the umbrella would have ended up destroyed from the wind. Watching the storm from my window, I was able to see the trees sway back and forth — some looked like they were being pressed down in such a way that they wouldn’t last through the storm. Luckily, none of the trees I saw seemed to go down, showing how amazing their resistance to such pressure actually is.

How did people fare in this storm? Those who got the best of it were the weather forecasters; their day was filled with excitement, and on some stations, they felt justified to come on every thirty minutes and keep everyone updated as to the progress of the storm (that, of course, I think was overkill). Some, I am sure, were badly affected by it, prevented from doing what they planned to do because of it. As to the biggest issue, power, I didn’t hear of mass power outages because of the storm, but since I turned the television off, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen; in fact, I would be surprised if it didn’t.

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Earlier this week, I got some pipe tobacco to smoke (it’s been over a year since I’ve had any). While I cannot smoke in my apartment anymore (since they changed the place to non-smoking throughout), I can smoke outside, while doing some walking, and so I did so. I didn’t do much smoking, but some. I wanted to use it to help contemplate on a few things as I walked, and I think it may have helped. I don’t know, could be psychological there. The tobacco itself wasn’t the best, and it is a brand which I know is a bit harsh, which helps keep me to using it only for an occasional smoke.

In the late afternoon, we had occasional light rain and thunder, all the while being told on the television that the storm could be severe. Thankfully it never was. I was actually outside, hoping to read in the open air for a bit, when I felt a few small drops of rain come down upon me. The amount of rain we got I think was incapable of affecting anything (the thunder lasted longer than the rain, and I didn’t see any lightning).

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For the last couple days, heavy rains have been hitting parts of the United States, and I expected that we would get them were I live yesterday. The weather prediction gave us a 60% chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. By one in the afternoon, it looked like it was coming; clouds were forming, and a few light drops of rain started to drop. An hour later, nothing happened. A few hours later, the clouds were gone. No storms. Makes me feel stupid for telling a cashier when I was out that I thought we were about to get some powerful storms.

For my entertainment reading, I started A Scanner Darkly. Once I finish it, I will be curious to see how it was done in a movie; I am understanding why, reading it, that it was done as a pseudo-animated production. The story itself is about the disconnect drugs can have on society; both on the people who burn themselves out with them, and the cops who go undercover to bust the big drug producers. Of course, it is a sci-fi story, so the drugs are powerful, and the cops use weird devices to go undercover. But what if you are an undercover cop, your identity hid from everyone (even the person you report in to), and you are told to spy on yourself? That’s as far as I’ve gotten into it.

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Don’t Trust Forecasts

Yesterday morning, the news said that there would only be a slight chance for a passing shower in the day. In other words, it was not likely, and if rain did come, it would be brief. For most of the day, everything went as predicted. But then around six, way before the time it goes dark, it went dark. Later that evening we had rain and lightning flashes (I didn’t hear any thunder). The rain was heavy and wasn’t just a brief shower. Good thing I didn’t have any plans outside yesterday evening; if I had relied upon the forecast, I would have had an awful time.

Instead, yesterday was just a simple Sunday. I woke up and felt just a bit out of it, and felt out of it all day. I just didn’t feel right — but in a daze. I’m not sure why but it kept with me all day. I read little (less than I hoped to), and just took the time to rest, watch tv, and the like. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. I guess this time, it was made sure I took it.

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A Simple Sunday

Throughout the day Sunday, I knew there was going to be a storm. I prepared for it. I had my umbrella with me at church. Nothing happened. The sky was darkening but then it let up. Throughout the day it was like this — until the evening. Then we had a brief thunderstorm, about an hour before I went to bed. Strange how it happens like that.

I finished reading Secret Agent 666. The book is filled with many speculations, because a lot of the source material needed to know exactly what Crowley was doing was lost. It seems he was an agent that was known by some, but not by others, so that those he spied upon believed he was not liked by the British government (he probably wasn’t, but that allowed him to be the perfect spy). It is interesting to see the people who associated with him through the years — some I didn’t expect (Ian Fleming, Aldous Huxley, Fenians in the United States, et. al.). Not everyone he tried to get into the good graces with would listen to him (like Stalin), but even that shows how far and wide he went to try to spy for the UK.

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