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An Eerie Orange Glow

morningfog.jpgI noticed the light coming through my window blinds had an eerie orange glow to it, and decided to  look outside, which led me to see a beautiful fog covering the city. It’s night, and the city lights are on. Covered by the fog, the color of the light is being warped, producing the off-color hue which attracted my attention. 

I decided to try to take a photo of the scene I saw. It’s difficult to do so — I can’t use my flash, because it would only hit the window and obscure the picture. After taking a few, I got one which, though inadequate, best showed what is outside my window. I noticed how the lights look like pictures of UFOs.

While tempted, I won’t send it to MUFON.

Saturday morning seems to be a busy times for coffee. At least more people stay in the shop on the weekend than they do during the week. 

Believing I would be able to find a place to hook up my laptop, I went to Caribou only to find the place full. More than that, one guy was using a plug in the shop to charge up his razor and to shave while sitting on a couch.  That sight disgusted me so much I decided to just leave and come back home.


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Have Camera, Will Snap

While at my my morning coffee run and Balthasar reading at Caribou Coffee, there was a man sitting on the couch next to my chair who suddenly got up, brought out a camera, and snapped a picture (I think of the fireplace). He saw me watching him take the picture and said that I should not worry, I was not in the picture. I told him I would not mind it — but just thought how nice it was to know I was not the only one who took my camera with me all over the place, taking pictures wherever I go.

There is something wrong with the Washington D.C. metro system. Every few months they decide to raise prices. Currently they are thinking about doing so again, with a rate increase of forty-five cents per round trip. While a large number of its users are government employees, and another sector are travellers on vacation, those who live in the DC area are the ones who have to take the blunt of its financial mismangement. The government be funding it; the metro is a very important aid to those living in an otherwise overcroweded roadscape. Moreover, metro should consider bulk-rate passes. This way those who live in the area would buy the pass and use it, while those who come here on vacation would then have to deal with the non-discounted price. I know such a pass works well over in Europe.

I bought a Toshiba laptop computer which I will be using for research — I will be collecting my notes and writing out my dissertation on it. The keyboard will take some time getting used to, but at least I will not have to deal with the finger-based mouse system that laptops have since I bought an optical mouse for it.  I wonder if I would have less problems with the finger-pad mouse if I were right handed.

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