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Right now the big toe on my right foot is hurting.  I don’t know why, but it is. If I focus on it, I will feel the pain, wherever the foot is, though some positions (like seated down) are better than others. I am trying to massage it, but I don’t think that is helping. It’s just going to have to heal — from what, I don’t know. Perhaps it is from walking yesterday, but I didn’t walk too far, just downtown like I do often, and so I doubt it. Maybe I hit it, and I don’t remember. I do know, I tripped yesterday when walking, and semi-skinned my knee. Maybe I stubbed my toe in the process and I didn’t realize it, because my focus was on my knee. Hopefully, whatever it is, it won’t be too long before it feels better.


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Odds and Ends

My right hand is still healing, and sensitive because of the slash wound from the pencil. I can tell it is slightly infected, like some cuts get, but nothing spreading so it should not be a problem other than making the healing process slightly longer. I think I hit my hand at one of the worst places possible, because it is an active section of the hand, so that too will slow it down.

I went in to CUA briefly yesterday. On the way back, right before the Silver Spring stop, the metro train stopped. It seemed like we would be there for sometime (which is what happens, most of the time, when the train stops like that). I could hear cursing behind me. People are on schedules, and unexpected stops like that make many of them understandably angry — and wonder what metro is doing with all their extra money. Thankfully, we were stopped for only a minute. I don’t know what the people in my train would have done if not. We were within feet of the metro station –close enough that it would I think add to the annoyance.

I read through Philip K Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth. Published after his death, it was the precursor to VALIS. It had many of the same themes, but it was not exactly as gnostic or disturbing as VALIS. On the other hand, it did have its own peculiar, even unexpected ending. I thought it would do some of the twists found in VALIS, but it didn’t. Despite that, the overall theme was the same. And one can tell how much Dick didn’t like Nixon in it.

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From Hand to Feet

Two days ago, I stabbed my right hand with a pencil. Well, it was more than a stab, but more like a slash, and because of it, it is going to take some time to heal. It really is a significant cut, at the base of my thumb, with all the pains associated with such cuts. It doesn’t bother me for most of the time, but it is a slight annoyance now.

Then, yesterday, I had an unusual experience getting up from my computer chair. Somehow my legs fell asleep or something, but they didn’t feel like they were asleep. When I got up from the chair, they felt a bit wobbly on me. It took about a minute before they were like normal. The muscles just seemed too relaxed. I don’t know how that happened, and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

Finally, I am trying to walk around a bit everyday; of course, it’s good that I am doing so.  I did a fair amount yesterday. However, last night my feet just ached from it. In fact, their aching made it difficult for me to get to sleep. They are feeling better now.

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Some return to sanity?

Well, my hands do not feel exactly as bad with the arthritis pains, but my middle left finger still is quite sore, and feels like it is sore in ways which transcend arthritis. I really don’t know why, and it doesn’t hurt all the time, just if I move it some ways, the pain comes quickly.

My sleep was about as normal as it gets last night, which doesn’t mean it is great, but it does mean I got to sleep last night, and got to sleep in until my normal wake up time this morning with a few interruptions throughout the night, but nothing significant.

I’ve heard nothing back about the papal ticket yet, but I might not know until Sunday, so I am not giving up hope — yet.

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My Hands Still Hurt

For the last week, my hands have been quite painful. They continue to be that way. I am trying to use arthritis cremes to help, and they do, but the relief is limited and temporary. I am not sure when this will end, but I am sure it will, sometime.

Yesterday, I put my name at St Gregory’s for a “lottery” to get one of three tickets to the Papal Mass. We will see if I get one.

I went to bed around my normal time last night extremely tired; I woke up 30 mins later than my average time this morning — I hope that means I’ve regained some lost sleep time from last week.

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Bright Thursday

Moving  closer to the eighth day of Pascha, we must remember that our new life in Christ is itself the “eighth day” of creation, the beginning of the new, ever-lasting week.


Last night, I continued to have problems getting to sleep, but I felt as if it was not as difficult as the night before. I still feel drained from it all. On top of it all, my left hand is getting really sore from arthritis this week, with the middle finger sometimes feeling really painful if I bend it too much. I don’t know if there is anything else going on to make for the pain — am I trying differently of late? I don’t think so. Is it the mouse? I don’t think so. But because of the difference, I’ve got to see if I am doing anything to cause it.

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Doing Better

Well, the eyedrops I got yesterday are helping quite a bit. My eyes are not perfect, but they are much better than before. I didn’t wake up with the burning sensation as I did yesterday. There is still some irritation there, but it is now tolerable. Now my foot still is the same as it has been for sometime. I think with the weather patterns we have it will stay this way for sometime, until things settle out. I hope that will be soon.

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