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Please Pray

Sometimes one wonders why one turns on the news.  Right now it just seems everything bad which can happen is happening.

Last week, Bush started talking about the possibility of World War III. Then came the wildfires of California, which are still incapable of being put out. So many people dead, so many more with their lives utterly devastated. It seems that at least some of those fires were the result of arson. Hopefully they catch the people who set them before they can do more harm.   

Then yesterday evening and this morning, the local news has been discussing a rather sad situation. A young, four year old girl was abducted from a Mormon Church and sexually assaulted and abused before being dropped off a mile away from where she was abducted. The news says they are still looking for the man responsible. Hopefully they find the guy before he can strike again.

And yet the rain continues to drop. 


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