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I went to Caribou Coffee this morning to start my Balthasar reading for the day. I have come to the point where I have decided that I need to read his work in small snippets of no more than 25 pages at a time (or at least this portion of the Theo-Logic). Some scholars suggest that he has a rather poetic writing style — and there is truth to this. Take these few lines as an example:

Every unveiling that does not serve love is comparable to an exhibitionism that offends against the intimate laws of love. It is not permissible to reveal everything on every occasion. In the silence of love, which veils both itself and the truth, there is more truth than in any loveless surrender. This point makes it clear how the truth serves love, while love embraces and transcends the truth. Truth is the unveiling of being; the laws of love are its limit and measure. Love, on the other hand, has no measure and no limit other than itself.
 –Hans Urs von Balthasar. Theo-Logic Volume I: Truth Of the World. trans. Adrian Walker (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000), 125.

It is very easy to start reading what he writes and end up falling into a hypotic trance, finding oneself no longer paying as close attention to his words as one would like. What he says is beautiful and rich — but like a rich cake, one must consume it only in small pieces.

rock-creek-3.jpgAfter returning to my apartment from Caribou Coffee, I decided to take a walk around Rock Creek Park and to take some pictures while I was there. While I was able to walk to and from the park as I wished, the path I wanted to take while I was there was blocked by trucks taking care of a large fallen tree. I tried to find a side path to travel upon, but I did not find any that I wanted to take. Since I had already been walking for a half hour, I figured I had walked far enough for one day. I should have been satisfied with the little walk I had done, especially since it is still in the middle of the summer with its humidity. Yet I was not. I wanted to walk around the park, listen to the birds (which were unusually silent) and just relax, soaking in the beauty of nature.

deer.jpgThankfully, on my way back home, I was able to enjoy the sight of two wild deer grazing on some leaves. The younger one took an interest in me and looked at me with a bit of curiosity, but decided to turn away just as I wanted to take its picture. The older one saw I was keeping my distance from them and quickly turned its attention back to its meal. Eventually, after hearing the sounds of some cars nearby, they took off.

During the afternoon I had a very unpleasant sensation in my hands; it is if they were under stress, trying to grab hold of something, and hold it tight, yet without actually holding anything. They felt this way in whatever position I had them in — typing, reading a book, or resting. It made it difficult to concentrate on my studies.


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