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Miracles Do Happen

On September 1, a young college student, Julian McCormick, had been reported missing after he did not show up to a meeting he had with his girlfriend. People have been looking for him for days. It turns out that his car fell down a deep ravine on Powder Mill Road in Beltsville. The car fell down with its front in the ground. Covered by vegetation, the car could not be seen by anyone driving by on the busy street. Hurt from the accident, Julian was eventually able to get out of the car and climb to the top of the ravine where he was seen. Apparently he used his shoes to get water and to catch fish from the ravine as he slowly worked his way out of the car. 

I decided to buy some canned organic chickpeas and use them for a curry dish. I liked the texture they gave when mixed with a sliced onion and fried up in some olive oil and a spoonfull of curry paste. They worked better than the fresh black-eyed peas I’ve used before: I could never get the peas to properly soften.

After finishing Volume II of Balthasar’s Theo-Logic, I decided to drive to Office Depot and check out their desk chairs. There was no one working in the office furniture department. I had to look over the chairs they had on display by myself. There were two I liked, but they didn’t have any tags left to use so as to buy one. Since no one was there to tell me, I can only assume they were floor models and the last ones of their kind left. Nothing they had in stock interested me (they did not feel right when I sat in them). I will have to look somewhere else later this week.


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