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After the Storm

There was a storm Wednesday night; it was not just a quick shower, and then it was done. It was a full storm. Everything outside was wet because of it. But it was also quite cool; indeed, it was at a comfortable level making it that much more enjoyable to be outside. However, when I went to a bench to read and take in al the natural air, I first had to wipe it dry. There is nothing wrong with it; I would rather have to do that than than to drip of sweat.

For the summer, Silver Spring has been having live music played on Thursday through Saturday nights. Last night was a classical quartet, and so I thought I would see how it was. The problem is it starts late, so I only went for the beginning of it. What I heard was ok, but the sound system was having problems, causing all kinds of screeches from the instruments. I know they were working on it (they were doing prep work when I heard them play). They seemed to be competent, but it wasn’t impressive enough for me, at least at the time, to stay for long. So all in all, I had a nice, early evening stroll.


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