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The day started off cool and overcast, but ended up getting fairly hot after the sun came out in the afternoon. I tried to do some reading (of stories by George MacDonald) on my favorite bench outside, but when I was there, I was constantly finding all kinds of insects coming out and trying to attach themselves to me. I would have to say I caught at least five such bugs in as many minutes.  I came to the conclusion that the rain from the day before combined with the afternoon heat must have made for an ideal climate for the insects and they were out and active because of it. They wanted food, and there I was, all ready for them. There would be no use trying to stay outside with them; I would just constantly have to fight them off, and I didn’t want to do that. So I went back inside, and a few minutes later, I found one small insect smuggled himself under my shirt into my apartment with me.


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