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Just a Saturday

Saturday I did a little of everything. I did my normal morning clean up, followed by taking some notes from several boos, before eating lunch and reading some more from Lombard. Then in the afternoon, I watched some television, read more, cleaned up more of of my place, and ate dinner. I watched more television after dinner and then went to bed.

All in all, a typical Saturday.

Except the headache from Friday tried to have a comeback a couple times. And once again, it was not debilitating, but it was enough there to make me notice it.


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Friday was an odd day. Throughout it, once again, I had to deal with a headache. It wouldn’t go away, although for the most of the day it wasn’t strong enough to stop me in my tracks; it was just there, mild enough that I was able to work and relax, but strong enough that I had to deal with it. The worst it got was when I was watching the movie Hellboy II: I was able to enjoy the film, but by the time it was over, I needed some advil. The rest of the day, the headache was in check, until last night. I woke up at midnight. When I did, it was pounding, worse than anything yesterday. I had to get some advil, but once I did, I was able to get back to sleep. Since I’ve woken up, I think it is still there, but all so slighlty that it might be on its way out. I hope so.

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I woke up with a headache, took some advil, and it went away for awhile. But it came back. It never was extraordinarily bad, thankfully, but it didn’t want to leave.

Nonetheless, my headache made concentration in the day less than ideal. It didn’t prevent me from enjoying how nice it was outside, nor did it entirely prevent me from reading something light — Secret Agent 666.  This is an odd book about Aleister Crowley’s work for the British Secret Service. Apparently, there is more than enough evidence to confirm he was an agent and one can trace elements of his work by seeing when he made contact with other known agents. Spence is not using this to suggest his wickedness or interest in the occult was fake, but rather they helped him become an ideal agent. He would be willing to do what was needed without question, and his interest in the occult helped create a great cover. One of the interesting claims of the book is that he might have been involved with the sinking of the Lusitania by feeding propaganda to the Germans to make them think the ship was a threat.

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More of the Same

Two days in a row. It was another beautiful day yesterday, although it was slightly warmer than the day before. Too bad that I didn’t get to enjoy the weather as much yesterday. I wanted to, but I just was way too tired feeling to appreciate it. I couldn’t concentrate as much when I was reading outside, and so just had to go in. I grew very tired, went to bed, fell asleep very easily, and woke up this morning with a headache. Usually things go the other way around. I get tired. I get a bad headache. I go to bed, wake up, and it is gone (or it is there, worse than ever, and holds out all day).

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Despite waking up late, yesterday morning I was dragging my feet, and just didn’t want to get active. I was just feeling a bit out of it. I cleaned up later than normal, and left to church slightly later than normal. The service was sort of a blur for me, not because it was bad (it was good, as usual), but because how I felt in the morning continued throughout the day. The rest of the day continued like this. I just was not able to concentrate much, and just had to rest because of it. And so the little things annoyed throughout the day, although I tried to take them by stride.

For supper, I decided to go to Subway. I walked there, and the only person there was a guy who always messes something up when I order from him. I don’t think he pays attention and assumes what people say. This time, since there was no one else there, I had to accept what he said, that the toaster-oven was not working (I don’t know if it was his fault and could have been fixed or not). Already a bit displeased with that, I thought maybe that was all that would be off this time. But, for whatever reason, this time I had difficulty getting him to give the right condiments for the sandwich. There are not many there, so it should have been easy for him. As an example, I told him to put on the spicy mustard. His reaction? He was going to put on this hot pepper mix. I repeated to him that I wanted spicy mustard; he looked confused, stopped just before putting that pepper mix on, and put on regular mustard. At least it was mustard and I got it without having to constantly repeat myself (last time I encountered him, he didn’t want to give me veggie patties and kept ignoring what I said and I had speak up louder and louder until he noticed).

At the end of the day, I got a slight headache which didn’t want to go away. And it didn’t. It stayed with me all night. At least I think it is now in check this morning.

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Headache: Once Again

Last night, I went to bed with a mild headache, and didn’t take anything for it. I hoped it would calm down and die out during my sleep. I should have known better. I don’t think that happens for me anymore. If I go to bed with a headache, I will have it all night, and wake up with it. And so I did. I woke up several times, pondered getting some advil, and decided against it, trying to let the headache go away naturally. So when I finally woke up, and it was beginning to get worse, I took some, and now it is not going away. If I had taken it out earlier, I am sure the worst of it could have been prevented. This is analagous to all health concerns: it is always better to treat a problem when it starts, then to let it get worse and worse, hoping that it will go away. In most cases, it won’t, and when you get to treating it, it will be worse, far worse, and far more difficult to treat because of it.

Hopefully I will remember this lesson the next time I go to bed with a headache.

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What a Headache

Well, that’s what I’ve had over the last day. A headache which won’t go away. It is still there, although right now it is not as painful as it was yesterday.

But it did mean I didn’t get as good a sleep as I wanted. I even woke up with dreams affected by the headache. I know I had several dreams over the night, but I can’t remember them now.

Hopefully one more dose of medicine and the headache will be finally taken care of.

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