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Dinner Out

On Wednesday, I had to deal with a dose of my fatigue, and rest quite a bit in the day. I was already scheduled to get together with Tony and Nate in the evening, which was good, but made for a long day. Thankfully the rest earlier gave me some energy; but we also got what we wanted done accomplished (a couple brief videos which will be uploaded on VN for this weekend). Since I wanted to get together with them, I knew I couldn’t prepare much for class today, but I had pre-arranged for my TA to take over for the day, so that really should not matter.


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Hanging Out

For Friday, I had a rather busy day, getting together with Apolonio Latar for lunch; he is in the area now, and trying to discern if he should go into the priesthood. As he does so, he is living with a community of priests. After talking for a few hours, he had to go to a function, while I felt my body crash. I went to bed early — and finally, I think, caught up in all the sleep I lost last week.

Apolonio and I certainly had an interesting conversation, trying to discuss whether or not logic, when dealing with absolute truth (such as Christian revelation) leads to self-contradictory ends. He believes that though human logic is insufficient, it doesn’t. I said it did. And I think it does, because it is a human invention and construction. But I don’t think I was able to express as well as I would like the internal contradictions it brings — starting with the law of non-contradiction. It just goes to show, I need to develop my thoughts here better.

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What a Day

Yesterday was an interesting, even good, day. I got together with Nate and MM from Vox Nova for lunch and we hung out until mid-afternoon, having a good time talking, catching up with each other. Nate’s been busy and has written a novel. MM got back from visiting an elderly priest-friend over the weekend, one who has been a major influence on MM; the priest is now in poor health, and needs prayers.  

When I got back home, I found all the responses to Vox Nova — both on a post I did, but also on the blogosphere with various critical attack pieces about Vox Nova, pieces which did not demonstrate much in reasoning but did show much in hypocrisy. People are upset that the comments box can be heated at times (which is true; but that is typical on the blogosphere; we are aware of it, and constantly try to fix things, but concupiscence does make itself shown) while being openly insulting in the way they say Vox Nova should not. People making accusations about the positions of people which were not the positions of those people. I think I said enough on those issues, though I expect I will be drawn more into them today. I am going to try not to be. I have other things to do.

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Sean called me in the morning, around 9, saying he wouldn’t be able to go to church with me. He had stayed out late and didn’t wake up until the time he called me. So, I went to church, and then Sean and I got together in the afternoon. We ate Burmese for dinner (he, like me, likes trying ethnic dishes; and Burmese is not one you can find at many places).

He told me his work schedule has been rather off, of late, and so the weekend has had him off his normal schedule. He works at nights, from midnight to early morning. On Friday, because he came here early that evening, he had not had rest, since I basically came to town after work. Neither did he get enough sleep on Saturday, but yet, he and his co-worker went around many of the museums before I got together with them that evening, and continued going around to places after I had made it back home. So, on Sunday, he was quite tired.

He travels back home this morning; so with the beginning of the week, things will go back to usual.

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Oh How Plans Change

After I woke up yesterday, I found an e-mail by Sean saying some of the plans had changed, and he would be free to meet on Saturday night. I met with Sean and his co-worker on the National Mall later than I originally expected, and then we walked around for a little bit, then we went out to eat at an Ethiopian Restaurant.  My feet are sore this morning from all the walking, so I know they will be sore at church today. And Sean will probably be there with me. Today Sean’s co-worker is helping his niece do a move; Sean was originally planning to help, but his friend was saying he didn’t need to do throughout the night. So now Sean will meet with me at church.

My left eye has still been bothering me, and has required eye drops yesterday, too, to help soothe it. This morning I am not sure, I think it might be feeling better, but it can also be it is just because it is too early. It felt like something had been crusted over and extracted as I slept, so that might be why it’s better now.

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Friday Frivalities

Yesterday morning was wonderfully cool, but that didn’t last. It did not feel as hot as it has been, but I think after a great morning, it felt worse than it was in the evening than it actually was. So I didn’t stay out in it. Interestingly enough, this allowed me to be inside to get a phone call from Sean, who is in town this weekend. It is a last minute kind of thing which brought him here, but we might get together Sunday afternoon, if things work out.

In the morning I went to see the X-Files movie, which I felt was a disappointment. I also thought it had an anti-Catholic sentiment; not just having a former priest/pedophile as one of the characters, but also by having a subplot with Scully working in a Catholic hospital, controlled by a priest which is acting in opposition to her. It is not just any kind of opposition, but on her use of a new therapy based upon stem cell research (they didn’t say which kind of stem cells, so in theory it could fine, if the right kind of stem cells; but the movie, by keeping it vague, is clearly mocking Catholic opposition to embryonic stem cell research). The movie was slow and could have been cut down to a normal forty minute episode for all that was in it; which was ok, as plots go, but nothing too X-Fileish.

Finally, my left eye is now irritated; started in the morning soon before I went to see the movie. I don’t know why. I got some eyedrops yesterday afternoon, and they make it feel slightly better, but it still is acting up this morning.

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Nice Night For Walking

Last night, I hung out with my friend, Tony (we get together once every so often). We went to Zorba’s for dinner, then walked around the Dupont area talking about all kinds of things — events on the blogosphere, events in the real world, and the kinds of people who annoy us the most from both. Weather wise, it was slightly hot and humid, but there was also a nice breeze so it was, for this time of year, a nice evening although it would have been better if it were slightly cooler. 

For dinner, I had a falafel sandwich and greek fries. Now, these fries were different from what I expected; they were long, round but thin strips lightly fried in oil. When I ordered them, I was thinking they would be like waffle fries, but they were not; I actually liked them but didn’t think they were something I could order too frequently because of how oily this kind of fry actually is.

Now my legs are aching from all the walking I did last night.

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