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After waking up, feeling a bit sick, I got to work in the morning, both cleaning up my apartment and also doing my laundry. Thankfully there were no problems with the washing machines this time, so I was able to get it all done in good time.

I got in the mail a Bollywood DVD I ordered, Bandh Darwaza. It is their equivalent to Dracula, although the story was a bit different. He was a demon/vampire who at times would indeed drink the blood of his victims, but he was also a black magician who would use his powers to gather a cult following around himself. In this way, it really is a similar but different film, different enough that it is interesting on its own (often, the story is about an evil religious cult, and only occasionally, a vampire story — though when it is a vampire story, it is interesting to see it is a symbolic OM which wards the evil away) ; it also had far less musical numbers than I expected, and they weren’t as flourishy as you get in other Indian films. Certainly not the best film I’ve ever seen, but I am glad I saw it, and I do think it fits in my film library, next to my Hammer Horror films. The DVD was a two-pack Bollywood Horror set, and so I have another to watch sometime this week.


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Topic Thunder

Yesterday, all the stress of the week had to be let out; taking the hour-long walk on Tuesday had not done enough. So, I decided to see the new movie, Tropic Thunder.  It’s often rude, the language is crude, and it is quite raunchy. It is all of these things – in an over-the-top fashion, and it is over-the-top because it is mocking Hollywood and the ways movies are made, what is thought needed to be in a movie, and even how “social causes” are used in movies for self-glorification. It mocks the lifestyles of actors off the screen, showing how some who are idolized should never be, while others are so in tune with acting they lose themselves (Robert Downey Jr.’s character is an Australian actor who likes to get into the role, so he artificially had his skin tinted for a movie he is making). It even mocks the Oscars and how the awards are given out. In all of this, the movie is hilarious. It’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen for some time, but the sad thing, there are also elements of the movie I didn’t like (especially all the sexuality, though of course it is done to continue the overall ridicule of Hollywood, still starts the movie off, and in a way which I think many in the audience didn’t even know was the movie until later). All the laughter, I feel, helped release some of that stress I had, so all in all, it was a good choice. But I don’t know if I could recommend the movie for everyone. It’s very un-PC, almost taking on all positions and finding something to ridicule, one place or another, making it an equal-opportunity offender as films go. But that was part of the point.

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Friday Frivalities

Yesterday morning was wonderfully cool, but that didn’t last. It did not feel as hot as it has been, but I think after a great morning, it felt worse than it was in the evening than it actually was. So I didn’t stay out in it. Interestingly enough, this allowed me to be inside to get a phone call from Sean, who is in town this weekend. It is a last minute kind of thing which brought him here, but we might get together Sunday afternoon, if things work out.

In the morning I went to see the X-Files movie, which I felt was a disappointment. I also thought it had an anti-Catholic sentiment; not just having a former priest/pedophile as one of the characters, but also by having a subplot with Scully working in a Catholic hospital, controlled by a priest which is acting in opposition to her. It is not just any kind of opposition, but on her use of a new therapy based upon stem cell research (they didn’t say which kind of stem cells, so in theory it could fine, if the right kind of stem cells; but the movie, by keeping it vague, is clearly mocking Catholic opposition to embryonic stem cell research). The movie was slow and could have been cut down to a normal forty minute episode for all that was in it; which was ok, as plots go, but nothing too X-Fileish.

Finally, my left eye is now irritated; started in the morning soon before I went to see the movie. I don’t know why. I got some eyedrops yesterday afternoon, and they make it feel slightly better, but it still is acting up this morning.

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Well, The Oscars Are Over

Of course, I didn’t watch the Oscars. I find the show to be silly. While it sometimes is nice to hear movies you like getting awards, I ultimately find even that to be beside the point. It seems to make society believe that being an entertainer is the most important profession one can have.

Sure, I enjoy movies. That’s about it. We shouldn’t idealize those who make them. But since we have, we will get what we deserve.  

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Going through my normal morning news gathering I found out about a rather interesting archeological discovery: 3000 year old beehives found in Israel. Makes me wonder if there was a mead industry as well in ancient Israel.

In movie news, there is now talk about a live-action Robotech film. I went to see the Transformers film this summer because I thought it would show if a Robotech film could be done. I was satisfied with what I saw, but I was not sure if a Robotech movie would have enough budget to do the story right. Then there is the question of what exactly they would do in a Robotech movie — would they start the series over, or have it a new, self-contained story within the Robotech universe? I hope for the second but would still be interested in the first.

I went to CUA this morning to do some reading, keep in contact with some of my peers, and to go to my weekly confession. Landyn and I talked about the difficulties of Greek based upon a class he was auditing on St Clement of Alexandria. He pointed out how he was learning to appreciate Clement’s genius even more than before because of how literary and polished his Greek was.

Feeling tired in the middle of the afternoon, I went out to get an iced-coffee, and then went to the Giant to get some pencils and a new comb (I could not find mine and so needed to replace it). While at the store, I saw an older black man had collapsed near the check-out counter, and paramedics were giving him CPR. I heard the sounds of a woman sobbing, whom I assume was his wife. Whoever it was, had been taken to one side, so to keep her out of the way because I could not see where she was. I said a quick prayer for them and let the medics do their work while staying out of their way. There was no reason for me to stand around and watch as if there were a spectacle being put on display: human dignity deserves privacy in such situations.

My dissertation proposal now has been accepted by the University and not just the School of Theology. It’s official and the clock now starts. I have five years to get it done. I expect I will be done long before then. Of course, if God has other plans, well, then so be it.

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