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Another Day Gone By

Monday, I just didn’t have the energy I wanted; I think I have been having my “energy low” the last couple days, which I get from time to time with my fatigue. When it gets like that, it is hard for me to do much; reading for more than a few minutes at a time becomes a chore, and my head just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully, it affects reading more than teaching, and I can usually get a burst of energy for an hour or so on days like this (but only for that amount of time). So, I should be fine today teaching, but I don’t know how much longer after that. We will see.


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I got my basic work done yesterday morning. I went out a bit, when it was coolest. Came back home, and just felt exhausted. It was only late afternoon when my energy improved, and when it did, I decided to start taking notes for a post I want to do on Vox Nova. I should probably get them all managed today. I know the theme, but I am not exactly sure what way I will work with it, yet. But it’s one I think is interesting and might attract attention from people who might not otherwise read Vox Nova. We will see.

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