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Friday Frivalities

Yesterday morning was wonderfully cool, but that didn’t last. It did not feel as hot as it has been, but I think after a great morning, it felt worse than it was in the evening than it actually was. So I didn’t stay out in it. Interestingly enough, this allowed me to be inside to get a phone call from Sean, who is in town this weekend. It is a last minute kind of thing which brought him here, but we might get together Sunday afternoon, if things work out.

In the morning I went to see the X-Files movie, which I felt was a disappointment. I also thought it had an anti-Catholic sentiment; not just having a former priest/pedophile as one of the characters, but also by having a subplot with Scully working in a Catholic hospital, controlled by a priest which is acting in opposition to her. It is not just any kind of opposition, but on her use of a new therapy based upon stem cell research (they didn’t say which kind of stem cells, so in theory it could fine, if the right kind of stem cells; but the movie, by keeping it vague, is clearly mocking Catholic opposition to embryonic stem cell research). The movie was slow and could have been cut down to a normal forty minute episode for all that was in it; which was ok, as plots go, but nothing too X-Fileish.

Finally, my left eye is now irritated; started in the morning soon before I went to see the movie. I don’t know why. I got some eyedrops yesterday afternoon, and they make it feel slightly better, but it still is acting up this morning.


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Still Irritated

While it is better, my eye is still feeling irritation and I am using my eye drops to help give it some relief. When I wake up, though, there is no crusting over the eye, which should be a good sign it isn’t something like pink-eye. But there is still enough irritation that it is annoying when I am trying to read or write.

It’s another warm day after last week’s chills. The roller-coaster ride we have had with the temperature continues this week. If last week is any indication, I expect we will be below freezing by the end of the week.

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