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Rough Roads

Every day I am on the road, it seems the traffic is getting worse, and the people are getting ruder and ruder. I was trying to get on a busy road from a side road after church, and there were several cars which just ran on by not letting me on. Once it was free, the cars behind me just started going around and not letting me on. I just don’t get why they don’t allow people ahead of them on first since they should be doing that. Let everyone on that way instead of rudely cutting people off like that.

Patrick called me, asking if we can switch some classes around — he is working on a couple papers, and wouldn’t have time to prepare for Tuesday. So we will, though it means he will be teaching two times in a row. I will have to talk over with him what he plans to do for next week, and see if he wants me to find something or if he will (the topic next week is the Kamasutra).


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Thank you, St Christopher!

My right eye continues to be irritated; to help deal with it, I decided to go and get some new eye drops. Since it had been sometime since I last went there, I decided to go to Target to buy them. My drive to and from Target yesterday was horrible. At one point, I wa was in the right most lane of a three-lane road, and an unmarked truck with bad lights was ahead of me. I needed to get over to the left-most lane, and kept looking out for an opening to do so. When it looked like I was free to move left, I sped up to make sure I can go with the flow in that lane; suddenly the car behind me cuts me off so I can’t go, and the truck ahead of me stops dead in front of me. I hit the breaks real hard, and thankfully, didn’t get in an accident. It did, however, cause me to pause (the truck was not moving) as I regained my composure. Afterwards, I had to face more bad drivers. There were many cars suddenly changing lanes, back and forth, right in front of me. There were other cars turning improperly: for example, some in a left lane turning right — right in front of me, some in the right lane, turning left, right in front of me. What’s with drivers these days?  I have to be ever-vigilant to make sure I don’t get hit.

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