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I think we got a big  theological allegory in the most recent Doctor Who story. I do not know if all of it was intended, but I expect some of it was. And what is interesting and important is the Mels sequence is central to the story, once one realizes the theological sentiment behind the story.

Mels (River Song’s earlier incarnation) has been led to believe the Doctor must be evil. We have seen how she was convinced of it. If the Doctor is so good, why isn’t he stopping all the bad events in time and space. Therefore, he must be evil. (It’s similar to objections people use for God).  The Doctor should have taken out Hitler, but he didn’t. The Doctor should have stopped every evil because he knew what was going to happen in history, but he didn’t.  He let evil win because he was also evil.

He isn’t just any kind of evil. No, he is the greatest evil in the universe. This, of course, is what the “Silence” alliance seem to think. And Mels/River has been made to believe this so she would one day take out the Doctor. She is the only one who can kill him. And then she is told she is to take the TARDIS and right all the wrongs. She wants to right the wrongs of history. She starts, of course, with Hitler.

Everything changed, however, when the Doctor was dying.

The Doctor calls her over. He says something like, “I knew this day was coming. But I would do anything for River; I would die to save her.”

When she finds out she is River, she has a moment of awareness and becomes a convert. She sees and understands the Doctor differently. He is willing to die to save those he loves, including her.  She is saved by his death. He dies. But he is brought back to life through the power of love (the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love).

Doctor Who does theodicy. And, like in history, the solution is love, a love willing to die for the other and a love which gives back life.


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Amateur made Doctor Who Anime apparently under production.

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My fatigue spell continued throughout the day yesterday, making it a difficult day for me. I’ve have days like it before, and I know that soon I will be fine. Until I do, it makes for lazy days. I even end up sleeping for a few minutes at a time, at odd times, throughout the day. Then in the evenings, I have difficulty sleeping since I’ve rested much in the day, and I end up waking up throughout the night. Which is what happened last night. I woke up around midnight and was awake for well over an hour. The only good from this is I got to really “sleep in.”

The fourth season of Doctor Who is over, and many loose ends have been tied up. The Doctor/Rose story seems to be over (of course, she can always return). She got to have a happy ending (although I don’t understand why it had to be in the alternate universe). Martha and Mickey’s story gets to continue in Torchwood. Donna’s story seems to be over, with a somewhat sad ending, but once again, a story can be written to bring her back. Sarah Jane Smith is back home, knowing her son is safe, and the Doctor is still out there. Davros is also still out there, and can return with more Daleks when a writer desires to do so.  As stories go, I think it was an enjoyable mess: it handled itself much better than The Five Doctors, but it was New Who’s equivalent of it. Comparing the two, I find it far more enjoyable, showing that multiple companion stories don’t always have to be simplistic nonsense. And finally, I’m glad there was no major “reset” button at the end of the story. It would have annoyed far too many people this time if there were.

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Doctor Who Recap

There is one more week of Doctor Who before this season is over, and when it is over, it’s over for sometime. It means I won’t have to wait early Saturday evenings for Doctor Who to show up online to watch it. I will be free to do other things.  But, if possible, I would rather things continue as they do now, and a new Doctor Who episode was shown every Saturday night.

Now, I quite enjoyed “The Stolen Earth.” Even though it was trying to do many things at once, it didn’t suffer from the errors of “The Five Doctors.”  Davros with his Dalek horde is back. Torchwood, Sarah Jane Smith, UNIT — all have their place in this, the  “ultimate story” of the RTD era. It takes everything he has done or brought out into the show and brings it into one final story. It’s the send off of his era/  Yes, there will be a few specials next year, but they will, I expect, be a bridge between the present era and the Moffat era.

We still don’t know if David will remain as the Doctor or not. David, it appears, does not know either, but he is being offered a large amount of money to do so. Which means the cliffhanger at the end of “The Stolen Earth” will end with his reappearance after the “regeneration.” How? My theory is the 11th Doctor will look like the 10th Doctor, but will have a slightly different personality (hinted at by River Song earlier this season in Moffat’sstory of this season). Or there could be something which gets in the way of the regeneration, and it is only a partial regeneration (which happened to his “daughter” this season). Speculation is all I have, other than knowing, somehow there will be two Doctors together and both are played by David.

Hopefully, next week’s ending to the story does not disappoint, and we get to see much more of Davros than his cameo in this episode.

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Within one day, summer-like weather has returned. Friday, everything was cool, and I could sit outside and enjoy nature without feeling overly hot. Saturday, the heat returned. I think it might also have been a little humid, but if so, it was not as much as it will be soon. I didn’t feel like it was nice enough to sit outside for long periods of time, although I did for a little, because I think getting some natural sunlight (not too much, mind you) helps the body. Plus going out, walking a little to a place to sit down and read, helps get me active and keeps me from becoming too tired (although not from being tired).

Doctor Who was enjoyable this week. It wasn’t necessarily the most creative of themes — what if Donna had not met the Doctor –but the second half of it did do some nice surprise twists which made it better than a typical sci-fi “what if” story. Because, even if she didn’t meet the Doctor, she would soon enough learn about him and be forced to act — as she was — to save the earth, and sacrifice herself for it. In the end, she lived up to her last name — Noble. 

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Yesterday was another beautiful day, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it much. I was just dragging all day. I woke up early with a minor headache, and just feel off all day long. I got better later in the day, but never great.

I went to bed last night around my normal time, and listened to the newest Doctor Who audio CD (The Zygon Who Fell To Earth). It was interesting but reminded me too much of another Doctor Who storywhich came out this year (Brave New Town). The Zygon Who Fell To Earth  was about a Zygon (alien monster species) falling in love with a human woman and with the Earth itself, and going against his species’ bent for war and destruction. Brave New Town  was about a town of Autons (alien monster species) developing individual personalities and becoming “humanized,”no longer under the control of the Nestene Intelligence, and no longer trying to take over the world. I think if the audios were not so closely put together, I would have enjoyed Zygon more than I did, because I did think it was an interesting twist on the Zygons.

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It was terribly hot yesterday; the kind of day that the best thing one can do is just stay inside. While it was foggy in the morning, once the fog left, it was hot and sunny until the evening, when we had some random thunderstorms. So the sun scorched the earth before the night sky came back with its lightning; one could imagine that the sun in the day and the moon at night night were trying to make war with us and show us which is more powerful of the two. The sun won this round.

Thankfully, Doctor Who was on yesterday; it was an interesting, although I think a bit confused, episode (Forest of the Dead). I can’t help but feel elements in it were put in for the sake of the future: there were many questions left unanswered. Who made the library? When does the Doctor meet River Song? Will we see River Song in the future? Will she be released from the library eventually? Did Moffat hint at the changes he is about to make when he takes over for Season 5?

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