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Yesterday, when I went to get coffee, I put the book I had down on a table to reserve my spot in the coffee shop. One of the workers were cleaning up the place, wiping seats and tables.  Somehow, he thought it was left over from someone else, and took it up to the lost and found. When I got back to my seat with my coffee, the book was gone. It took me over ten minutes to find out what happened. I was glad no one actually stole it, which is what I thought happened at first.

40 days after Easter, Christ ascended into heaven. The two events are related but not the same: the ascent is the fulfillment of Christ’s glorification, and through it, opens up the way to heaven so that we can participate in the divine life. It’s an important day in the history of salvation. It’s not just another day. It’s not something to be ignored. It is the fulfillment of Christ’s mission in the incarnation — he who descended in kenosis rises in glory.

Last night, I was tired and was unable to read before going to bed as I normally do. But that didn’t mean I slept soundly through the night, either. I kept waking up, but I guess, I got about a normal amount of sleep.


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Yesterday, I went to Starbucks to try to get some more coffee/wake up in the middle of the day.  When I was there, it just seemed unseemly hot inside; I think they still have the heater when when it wasn’t needed. Of course, it is was an odd Starbucks, with two levels (the second one being where most of the seats are at), and so the heat probably rose up there and made it warmer up there.

They are doing quite a bit of construction in my apartment complex; during the day, they are changing the ceiling on the first floor, causing all kinds of mess as they do so. I’m not exactly sure what it is they are doing, but it can be a bit annoying to have to go around it.

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I decided not to head out to CUA this morning; the roads, and especially the side walks, have had their snow and mush turn into hard ice, the kind which is easy for one to slip upon, again and again, as they walk to wherever they would like to go. Even a short trip to and from Caribou for morning coffee required a slow, cautious walk. While I did not fall, more than once I felt like it was a distinct possibility and I did not think it would be wise for me to risk going any further than that today.

Hopefully work crews will take care of the sidewalks so that it will be easier to walk around the city on Friday.

Looking around my building, I saw that its birds are actively searching for places to keep warm; one bush and tree near a heating vent had dozens of them congregating around them, only for the birds to fly higher up the tree as I passed on by it.

I wonder where all the squirrels are hiding.

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Research Work at CUA

It’s been two weeks since I have been on campus because it was closed down for Thanksgiving. I am amazed at how many of the trees are still showing their blight plumage despite it being nearly December. The leaves are starting to turn brown and droop on many of the trees, so it is clear that they are about to fall off.

Coffee this morning was a disappointment; I always need to put some cream in it, and if I don’t tell them that, it seems the cup becomes overflowing and the hot coffee jumps out at me when I walk from the student center to the library. So when I told them I needed some room for cream, today, instead of just a little less coffee, it seemed like 1/3 of the coffee was left out. 

Maybe I am supposed to cut back — at least just for today? 

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A Strong, Cold Wind

We continue to have winter- like chills today, but its effects are felt far greater by the strong gusts of air blowing past one’s skin. It would be nice to walk around if it were not for the wind; the sky is beautiful, and the moon continues to shine despite it being long past dawn.

Caribou was playing Christmas music today, and it somewhat annoyed me, because it was, of course, the commercialized music and not true classics which one could hear (fewer people, I am sure, take offense to it than music about the nativity). I couldn’t concentrate much in my reading because of it, and so I returned him rather quickly today, with half of my late with me to drink at home.

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Fall is almost over, and winter is trying to come in. To be sure, we have been rather lucky in the DC area: even now, at this late date, many trees are holding on to their bright, beautiful leaves; but it is very clear that as time progresses, more and more trees are giving way to the times and letting the wind take their treasure away from them.

caribou.jpgYesterday, I started reading through Langland’s Piers the Ploughman and I took it with me to read at Caribou. I have been waking up early the last couple days, giving me headaches which has made it difficult to concentrate on my studies. So I have taken it easy in my morning readings, although I will get back to my studies soon.

Upon getting back from the coffee shop, I decided to do my laundry. The laundry room felt hot today, as if the heating inside was set a bit too high to my liking, so when I was putting my clothes into the washing machines, I felt sweat rolling down my brow. I never like the way that feels.

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Scattered Showers

It’s been a dark, grey morning, and we have had scattered rain in the forecast. We were told they would not arrive until late this morning or early afternoon: of course, that is not what happened.

I went to Caribou for coffee, and finished reading through The History of the Hobbit while I was there. On my way back home, it started to rain; it was light, to be sure, but enough to cover the ground. I was prepared for it this time — I had my book-bag with me, wherein I had placed an umbrella. Still the sudden rain hit me for about half a minute before I was able to get the umbrella open; and it stopped as soon as I got to the door of my apartment building!

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