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More Lack of Sleep

While I got more sleep going into Thursday, by the time I was done teaching, I was exhausted, and needed a few hours of rest (which I got) to regain energy. While I did not nap, I did lie down, and take it easy. When I was beginning to feel better, I started my laundry, and went back to resting. Thirty minutes later, I went to move my wash into the dryers, and noticed one of the washers had broken down while I was doing my laundry, and I had to move all the clothes in it to the other washer as I started to dry one load of clothes. I was really annoyed about this, especially since the transfer required me moving a bunch of wet, semi-dirty, clothes, geting wet in the process. At least the clothes finally got washed, freeing me this weekend to do other things instead.


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Just a Saturday

Saturday I did a little of everything. I did my normal morning clean up, followed by taking some notes from several boos, before eating lunch and reading some more from Lombard. Then in the afternoon, I watched some television, read more, cleaned up more of of my place, and ate dinner. I watched more television after dinner and then went to bed.

All in all, a typical Saturday.

Except the headache from Friday tried to have a comeback a couple times. And once again, it was not debilitating, but it was enough there to make me notice it.

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Yesterday was a beautiful, cool day. When I went to get my groceries in the morning, I noticed how much things had changed overnight. I was able to enjoy the lovely weather for most of the day, when, throughout the day, I would go outside and do some reading on a bench. When it began to cloud up in the afternoon and looked like it was going to rain, I decided it was time to stay inside. Since the laundry room was free, I figured that I might as well do a couple loads of my clothes. I thought that the rain would come and go while I did it. Of course, the rain only came later, when I was done with my laundry, and it was only a brief shower.

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Yesterday, it got hot and humid once again. I don’t think it was as bad as before, but it shows the after-effects of Saturday’s storms were quite short. But they did help wash off much of the junk I got on my car from my recent travels. It’s not enough, though; it’s still dirty, and needs a real solid cleaning. Being a white car, it’s easier to see that.

While I did some cleanup on Saturday, I had to do more yesterday. Having been gone from my apartment for sometime, I had (and still have) catchup to do. More importantly, I needed some new cleaning materials to do so, and was able to get them on Saturday. I think I need to get a new mop soon (I have not bought one since I moved here). But if I get a new one, I am not sure what I should get — any of the new variety or the old standard?

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Saturday, I did my weekly cleaning around my place. This morning, I need to do more — though it includes going outside of my apartment and into the laundry room. Of all the work which needs to be done, laundry is one I hate the most, and I put it off as much as I can, because all the folding seems to inflame my arthritis, making it painful to do.

Last night, I was tired, and went to bed about my normal time, but it didn’t help give me a normal night’s sleep; I woke up about an hour before normal, and stayed in bed, tossing and turning for that time. I suspect there was a few more minutes of rest in the middle of all that; hopefully it will end up being enough.


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After study, working on my dissertation, and taking some time off to enjoy Iron Man, my apartment now needs to be cleaned once again. I especially needto make sure I pick up all the books from the floor. They have been multiplying all over the floor, as happens when I am working. But that just makes them hazards for when I am walking around in the semi-dark in the mornings.

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I used to have a good sense of direction. If I have been to a place a couple times, I knew how to get there, even if I didn’t know the actual address. This ability seems to have vanished.

Last night, I was intending to go to movie night at St Matthew’s. I went early to make sure I got there in time. But I never got there. I couldn’t find where I was supposed to go. Where I thought I should go ended up not getting me there. I’ve been there before, when walking, but last night, I couldn’t find it. I walked for over an hour, in a light rain, and was only getting myself more and more lost by the end.

I guess I needed the sleep, instead. When I got back home, I ate, watched a bit of tv, and then went to bed.

Now today it’s time for some house cleaning.

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