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Save for the dark clouds in the sky, warning us of rain or snow to come by the end of the week, it’s a nice day outside. It’s warm — although after all the cold weather we have had, it probably feels warmer than it actually is. But another cold front is coming in, and will be here by the end of the day; it probably got as warm as it is going to get by mid-morning.

My car needed an oil change. I thought I would get out early and have it worked on before anyone else could get to the store. Of course, I was wrong. There were a couple people ahead of me. More importantly, I was trying to save time by going in early, but I found the time it took for the oil change was much longer than usual. While the store was already open, I think their peak time is much later, and so they have less people working at their early morning hours. So, I hurried up, went out, and then waited — at least I had John Wain’s Sprightly Running to read while I was there.


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