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From Rain to Rain

Rain comes. Rain goes. Rain comes again. When it is not raining, the humidity makes it rather dreadful to be outside. When it is raining, well, that’s just as bad. There is no way one can go outside and not get wet: either the humidity or the rain will get you.

thomaspeters.jpgAnd yet I went out. I went to the CUA campus to continue my research and then to meet and have lunch with Thomas Peters. We had an interesting and friendly conversation, discussing many things, especially about blogging and the Catholic blogosphere. One question we discussed was over the kind of responsibility one has if they write for a Catholic blog. We also debated how one should address a blog post if they believe it is blatantly leading people astray: should they write privately to the blogger and keep their dispute with them out of the public view or should they make a public reply? While we did not see entirely eye to eye, we did not entirely disagree either, and the conversation was better than anything one can get in a comments box on a blog.

We also thought it would be a good idea to have a very open and public meeting for all the Catholic bloggers in the DC area. Hopefully something can and will be worked out to make such a meeting possible.


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