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More Of the Same

I had to go to bed early last night; I was too tired to do much. That meant I was not able to sleep in today; I will have to try better for tomorrow to get my internal clock reset to fit the hour shift we went through.

Today must be Doctor Who Tuesday: the complete Series Three of the new series is being released on DVD alongside two classical Doctor Who stories. Since I decided not to buy the third season until it was released as a boxset, I will have to get it now that it is out.

My Balthasar reading continues to move slowly forward; I am right now at a stage where I need a break from it, but I know I cannot take that time. I guess that truly turns my reading from pleasure to work. It’s not that it is not good, it is just there is so much that one gets bogged down with the particulars when one does a massive study like this. 


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I tried to find some of Goethe’s scientific and artistic writings today. Reading Balthasar, who is heavily influenced by Goethe, I thought it would be right to do a bit of reading on Goethe myself. I always like to research influences on people I research and write about.

However, I found it difficult to find the books I wanted locally. I can get Faust without problem. I can get some of his novels without problem. But his other works, all I could find was from his travels in Italy. It wasn’t what I was after, and after almost buying it, I decided to return from the bookstore empty-handed.

Since I drove to and from the bookstore, I decided not to wear any jackets. I would be inside either my car or the bookstore for most of my journey. But when I was outside, I did notice the dip in temperature continues. One older woman in the elevator noticed I did not go with a coat, but when I told her I wasn’t really outside for any length of time, she agreed it probably is not necessary. But she said it’s clear winter is coming.

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Balthasarian Break

I’ve been reading Balthasar for several weeks now. Of course, not all I read has been from him (I do read different books at night to relax and get my mind off of my studies). But I’ve decided this weekend I am having a Balthasar overload. Thus, I decided I need a short break and so I am now reading Frederick’s short book, Buddhists and Christians: Through Comparative Theology to Solidarity. It looks like a fair work. But more importantly for me right now, it gets me out of Balthasar and gives me a refreshing glimpse to other theological styles and concerns.

Of course, come Monday, I’m back to the Theo-Drama, of which I am near completion — I just I have Volume IV: The Actto get through. Once done, I plan to go through some Buddhist texts before reading Balthasar’s Glory of the Lord.

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This morning, the headache did not appear immediately after I woke up, but slowly I felt its insistence to be noticed. I finally decided to take two advil, and it started to help. Having had some coffee, it is even better. I think today the headache will be defeated.

I can only hope.

I was able to get it to the sidelines yesterday enough to do some reading; I have much more reading to do today. I’m going slower through Balthasar than I would like. I have decided that once I am finished with the Theo-Drama, I need a break from his writings and will look into some of my Buddhists sources for the sake of variety.

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Coughing with Coffee

While my throat is better, and it is no longer hurting as it has done the past few days, it is still irritated and causing me to cough every few minutes. I know the flu is on its way out, but it still wants to remind me of its power over my life: my energy and concentration are still less than they should be. However, I was able to get out to Caribou and have some of my morning coffee and read through a hundred and forty or so pages from Balthasar. Well, many of them I skimmed through — getting the general concept, but finding myself not needing to take many notes.  

People have noticed how few the plugs are at Caribou, and are doing something about it; one guy brought in an extension cord, allowing three of us to use laptops at the same area of the store.

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Today, I am at CUA to do more of my Balthasar reading, and to meet with Dr Jones at 1:30 to discuss my dissertation and the expectations he and others will have for it.

This means I am now able to experiment with my laptop and get it set up for the wireless network a the CUA library. I have to get used to the keyboard (which will take a couple weeks I suspect), and until then my typing on it will be slow.

I went to the student center to get some coffee, and on the way out, I saw a rather sad site: a green bird had been trapped underneath one of the doors and, it looks, had even had a part of its body cut off from it. Its death woes were sad to watch but there was nothing one could do for it.

I noticed  a considerable number of new faces at the library, although the people behind them did not seem to be too communicative. I wonder how long that will last — will they want to stay at the same place where there is a very active, vocal group of doctoral candidates discussing theology in-between studies? Either they will tire of us and move on or they join in on the conversations; there is no other option.

One of the things I do as a Doctor Who fan is Doctor Who memorabilia, especially from the 5 inch line of toy figurines. I use them to create my own stop motion videos and to create various scenes on top of my bookcases. Today, my source for such memorabilia, WhoNa, got their newest shipment of Doctor Who figurines in, and, as a collector, I had to order them. I should have them by the end of the week and then I will have to consider whether or not I will do any new videos. I am still in the middle of one I started at the end of July which I need to finish, but many things have got in the way, so if I do plan on doing any other videos, I need to finish that one first.

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I heard the news today, oh boy. Web of Fear has been found. 
And though the news was good, I had to cry,
For it’s just a rumor in the life of a Doctor Who fan.

weboffear1.jpgWhile Doctor Who boards are discussing the credibility of the Doctor Who Online and whether or not there is any truth to the lead story of the day — that an important lost Doctor Who story had been found — the people who should be in the know have heard nothing and this suggests that the story is all hype.

And yet there remains the hope.

I went to Caribou again this morning to read more from Balthasar. I was able to go through the text quicker today; I am not sure as to why because the text is still the same, hypnotic, trance-like text as before. Some of what I read will be quite useful for my dissertation — especially his discussion on time and its relation to eternal life and eternal damnation, where he even said, at least this once, that eternal damnation is a state (Theo-Logic Vol I, 199). I will have to check the German for this passage to see how accurate the translation is.

While reading, I noticed one guy was going around, handing to some people, but not everyone, a sheet of paper. He walked past me, but he put one such paper on someone’s chair while they were getting some coffee. The only thing I could make out was the bold letters on top of the sheet saying “News Alert.”

If he wanted to alert people on something important, he should have left one on the bulletin board. He didn’t. I checked on my way out.

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