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Going through my normal morning news gathering I found out about a rather interesting archeological discovery: 3000 year old beehives found in Israel. Makes me wonder if there was a mead industry as well in ancient Israel.

In movie news, there is now talk about a live-action Robotech film. I went to see the Transformers film this summer because I thought it would show if a Robotech film could be done. I was satisfied with what I saw, but I was not sure if a Robotech movie would have enough budget to do the story right. Then there is the question of what exactly they would do in a Robotech movie — would they start the series over, or have it a new, self-contained story within the Robotech universe? I hope for the second but would still be interested in the first.

I went to CUA this morning to do some reading, keep in contact with some of my peers, and to go to my weekly confession. Landyn and I talked about the difficulties of Greek based upon a class he was auditing on St Clement of Alexandria. He pointed out how he was learning to appreciate Clement’s genius even more than before because of how literary and polished his Greek was.

Feeling tired in the middle of the afternoon, I went out to get an iced-coffee, and then went to the Giant to get some pencils and a new comb (I could not find mine and so needed to replace it). While at the store, I saw an older black man had collapsed near the check-out counter, and paramedics were giving him CPR. I heard the sounds of a woman sobbing, whom I assume was his wife. Whoever it was, had been taken to one side, so to keep her out of the way because I could not see where she was. I said a quick prayer for them and let the medics do their work while staying out of their way. There was no reason for me to stand around and watch as if there were a spectacle being put on display: human dignity deserves privacy in such situations.

My dissertation proposal now has been accepted by the University and not just the School of Theology. It’s official and the clock now starts. I have five years to get it done. I expect I will be done long before then. Of course, if God has other plans, well, then so be it.


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