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I awoke about fiften minutes later than normal, and I awoke to a fire alarm going off. Since we were allowed to go back in within thirty minutes, it appears there was no real fire; I don’t know what set it off. Sometimes sensors can be over-sensitive, and it is possible someone was cooking (even at this time of day) and the smoke set it off; it is possible someone hit a fire alarm going through the hallways (though unlikely), and possible someone did a prank (which would not be good, and hopefully they would find out who did it). The few years I’ve been here, we have not had many, but it does seem, when we get them, they are at night.


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I’ve been needing to get some new shoes, and that is what I did yesterday morning. One of the pairs I’ve had and used for years was getting quite bad, and would make sure my feet got blisters when on I wore them because the padding in them had completely worn out. I had not replaced them because I did not use them that often (they were a brown pair), but it did limit the clothing options I had. Now that I am teaching again, I knew I needed a brown pair again, because I would need them for a full day at the university instead of merely a few hours at church, and I didn’t want to limit my clothing options to outfits which matched my black pair of shoes.

For the afternoon, I went to a small bbq my apartment complex was having for Labor Day, and got myself a couple slices of pizza. It got quite crowded, but for the most part, people kept to themselves; the only person I talked to there was a fairly old black woman from my complex, who, like myself, was all alone there. She had been living here for a few years longer than I, and we talked about the good and bad about living here; she agreed that it was, in general, one of the best places to have gone to, although we both thought management could do better in getting notices out when it was going to do some sort of work at the complex itself.

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On Friday, we got notices that on “Monday from 10pm – 5 am” the water will be off as they replace an important pipe in the basement. While I figured out what they meant by it, I did think there was a slight possibility this would take place on Sunday night and into Monday morning, because the water would be out for more hours in the morning than in the evening. For clarity, it should have read, “From Monday evening to Tuesday morning.” Of course, I probably am one of the few people who cares to look at a text and reason out its meaning when the text is vague.

For my leisure, I started to read Philip K. Dicks’s Confessions of a Crap Artist. Like most of Dick’s novels, it contains a group of people with many unlikeable characteristics as they intertwine their lives (and destroy themselves in the process). The thing which I found quite interesting is that title character, Jack, seems to have symptoms of an extreme case of aspergers. I noticed signs of it in the novel’s opening lines:

I am made of water. You wouldn’t know it, because I have it bound in. My friends are made of water, too. All of them. The problem for us is that not only do we have to walk around without being absorbed by the ground but we also have to earn our livings.

Experiences with aspergers differ from person to person. But, as we see in Jack’s comments, people with aspergers often look at the world through a different lens from everyone else, being focused on aspects of earthly experience which others take for granted. Indeed, not only is their focus different, it is quite excessive and forms the basis for their unique obsessions in life.

If one takes the cues offered by PKD, then Confessions of a Crap Artist is one of the first novels to show the world in the light of an adult sufferer of aspergers, however extreme the case is for Jack (and whatever other problems Jack also has which are unrelated to aspergers). It’s unlikely that PKD would have considered writing such a novel; but he could have known someone with aspergers which became the model for Jack.

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Sleeping in yesterday helped it so I couldn’t get back to sleep last night until much later than normal. Surprisingly, I was able to sleep in a bit today (not as much as yesterday, but half as much as before). So I got, overall, less sleep last night (because of how long it took for me to get to sleep), but it seems my sleep schedule might be changing. Or it could be that it isn’t, and I will find my sleep back to normal today.

The rain is now over, and hopefully the sun will warm things up. It was a bit too cool in my apartment yesterday, which is something I normally do not say. But I would prefer it this way than being too hot. And that is what will happen soon enough. I know the heat will be back, and this will be an odd, and probably forgotten, event.


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Yesterday, I went to Starbucks to try to get some more coffee/wake up in the middle of the day.  When I was there, it just seemed unseemly hot inside; I think they still have the heater when when it wasn’t needed. Of course, it is was an odd Starbucks, with two levels (the second one being where most of the seats are at), and so the heat probably rose up there and made it warmer up there.

They are doing quite a bit of construction in my apartment complex; during the day, they are changing the ceiling on the first floor, causing all kinds of mess as they do so. I’m not exactly sure what it is they are doing, but it can be a bit annoying to have to go around it.

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Over the past few days, there have been considerable amounts of power outages in the DC area. Some people lost power due to the wind over the weekend; but last night, about 5000 people lost power because of a “manhole fire” around Adams Morgan. I am not exactly sure what that means (I assume there was some sort of underground power relay which caught fire and the manhole cover exploded out of the ground, but I could be wrong).

While there can be occasional power fluctuations in my apartment, I still feel that it has been the least likely place to lose power than any others I’ve been in and for any place I could have chosen. I can only imagine how much difficult things would be right now if I had to face constant power-outages as some people have to do.


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Strong Wind (Part 2)

The wind was strong all day yesterday, and was still going strong as I went to bed. They are still here with us, although the gusts are much lower (25 mph) than they were yesterday.

Many places in the area have lost power. Thankfully, this is not the case in my building. I’ve noticed that it does a good job keeping power.  There are times during the year when one can see a fluctuation in power, where everything dims for a second, before the power comes back at full. I know some people have complained about this, but they don’t realize how much worse it could be (in my previous apartment, I lost power several times a year, and it would take hours for the power to come back on — now that was annoying).

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