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I’ve edited together another selection of texts, this time, a collection on animals and how I view them philosophically and theologically.

You can order it directly through createspace here:


The book should be available elsewhere soon — check for it on Amazon!

Can animals be considered persons? Can they know right from wrong, and be expected to do penance? Can animals partake of eternal life? What does God expect out of humanity in relation to the animal world? Why did the Holy Spirit appear in the form of a dove?

These and other questions are addressed in this fascinating and unique collection of essays on the nature and place of animals in the world.



Table of Contents:

4    Introduction

17   January 17, 1787

27  Consequentialism and Animals

40  On Pets

54  The Sign of Jonah

69  All Creation Sings the Glory of God

88  God and Creation

99   The Dove: A Representation of 5he Divine Plan in Animals

117 Quid Sumit Mus?

124 Concluding Remarks

134 Select Bibliography


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Yesterday, as I was walking outside, I noticed one squirrel which was near the door I exited get scarred and flee. It went the direction I planned on going, and so thought I was chasing it. It kept moving on ahead of me, and stopping when it thought it was far enough away that I would leave it alone. But I kept coming. Eventually it got quite confused and decided — to play dead. It just placed itself flat upon the ground, and acted dead. No movement at all. Just looked dead.

 A few weeks ago, I saw a squirrel in the parking lot which looked like that — and I thought it was dead. As I passed on by the sidewalk near it, it got up moved and moved away. At that time, I thought it was sleepingin the parking lot for some strange reason, and it was best it moved away. This time as I saw one put itself in that position, I figured out what it was doing. I wonder how long they have done this — and if I am the only one who has noticed this?

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Another Odd Animal

Yesterday, I didn’t see any more animals attacking one another, but I did see a squirrel at the edge of the sidewalk. It was standing up, except its back legs were totally pressed upon the sidewalk, making me think at first that it was hurt. I didn’t get close to it, but when it saw me, it stood up and ran away.

I don’t know what it was doing, but its pose reminded me of a soldier going under barbed wire, except it wasn’t moving. Was it watching something, stalking it? There is no way to tell. But it clearly is yet another odd experience I’ve had with animals this week.

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I went outside yesterday afternoon to read on the same bench I was on the day before. While sitting there, I saw a bird fly in to a tree and get attacked by another bird (and neither were the same bird which attacked the squirrel). Is there something in the tree all these animals want and fight over? Something they eat which causes them to fight one another? Or is it just coincidence I am seeing this? Or is God trying to show me a sign through animals? Probably not.

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I was able to enjoy the lovely weather we were having yesterday, and do some of my reading outside. While sitting on a bench, I saw a bird (I think a robin) chasing after a squirrel. I didn’t see what happened, but I thought of three reasons why this could have happened: the squirrel just went to the wrong tree, and did nothing more, the squirrel took an egg (probably not), or the squirrel first attacked the bird before the bird responded. I did ponder on whether or not Native Americans would have seen such an event as a sign, and if so, what kind.


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