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I think we got a big  theological allegory in the most recent Doctor Who story. I do not know if all of it was intended, but I expect some of it was. And what is interesting and important is the Mels sequence is central to the story, once one realizes the theological sentiment behind the story.

Mels (River Song’s earlier incarnation) has been led to believe the Doctor must be evil. We have seen how she was convinced of it. If the Doctor is so good, why isn’t he stopping all the bad events in time and space. Therefore, he must be evil. (It’s similar to objections people use for God).  The Doctor should have taken out Hitler, but he didn’t. The Doctor should have stopped every evil because he knew what was going to happen in history, but he didn’t.  He let evil win because he was also evil.

He isn’t just any kind of evil. No, he is the greatest evil in the universe. This, of course, is what the “Silence” alliance seem to think. And Mels/River has been made to believe this so she would one day take out the Doctor. She is the only one who can kill him. And then she is told she is to take the TARDIS and right all the wrongs. She wants to right the wrongs of history. She starts, of course, with Hitler.

Everything changed, however, when the Doctor was dying.

The Doctor calls her over. He says something like, “I knew this day was coming. But I would do anything for River; I would die to save her.”

When she finds out she is River, she has a moment of awareness and becomes a convert. She sees and understands the Doctor differently. He is willing to die to save those he loves, including her.  She is saved by his death. He dies. But he is brought back to life through the power of love (the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love).

Doctor Who does theodicy. And, like in history, the solution is love, a love willing to die for the other and a love which gives back life.


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