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I’ve edited together another selection of texts, this time, a collection on animals and how I view them philosophically and theologically.

You can order it directly through createspace here:


The book should be available elsewhere soon — check for it on Amazon!

Can animals be considered persons? Can they know right from wrong, and be expected to do penance? Can animals partake of eternal life? What does God expect out of humanity in relation to the animal world? Why did the Holy Spirit appear in the form of a dove?

These and other questions are addressed in this fascinating and unique collection of essays on the nature and place of animals in the world.



Table of Contents:

4    Introduction

17   January 17, 1787

27  Consequentialism and Animals

40  On Pets

54  The Sign of Jonah

69  All Creation Sings the Glory of God

88  God and Creation

99   The Dove: A Representation of 5he Divine Plan in Animals

117 Quid Sumit Mus?

124 Concluding Remarks

134 Select Bibliography


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