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Currently available on CreateSpace, https://www.createspace.com/3437633 , it should soon be available on Amazon.com. This is an edited collection of many of my writings from the last few years. While available on the net, the texts have been somewhat modified (edited for clarification and to eliminate noticeable defects), and are now presented together as a theological collection, allowing them to be much easier read and studied in depth.

This is the first volume of a series of such collections which I plan to make. The theme of the second volume will be inter-religious dialogue and comparative theology.

Included in this volume are the following essays:

  • On The Conscience And Our Response To It
  • Person vs. Individual
  • The Potter And The Clay
  • Called To Be Mediators Between God And Creation
  • Can One Love the Messenger And Ignore The Message?
  • Why Christianity Must Reject The Culture Of Consumerism
  • On the Morality Of War: In Essence And In Practice
  • In All Things Charity: On the Pursuit Of The Virtues With A Special Reflection On Christian Vegetarianism
  • Man At The Crossroads
  • Gnosticism: Some Of Its Beliefs, Practices, Christian Responses To It, And Its Continued Influence In The World
  • Theophilus Of Alexandria And Hellenistic Philosophy

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Now the question is when the great wall of DC will melt.

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