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When Pigs Fly

When the bird flew, I thought nothing of it; now, it’s been said, swine flew — the world will never be the same again.


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The direction and pacing of the episode is slightly off, and the first episode seemed to be one padded storyline, preparing the audience for the touted trip to earth. There is a sense of mystery to the story in that we don’t know who the new hologram really is, but beyond that, I also got a season 1 vibe to the whole story. This is probably because the budget, like the first season, is low (though CGI helps make it look much higher than it is), and with low budgets, characterization instead of special-effects slapstick works best.


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It’s going to be quite busy. Not only will I be celebrating the resurrection of Christ, I will have new Doctor Who and Red Dwarf episodes to watch

The Doctor Who story is called, Planet of the Dead, and doesn’t sound or look as interesting as some of the stories which will come out later this year. But I’m hoping it is better than it looks.

Now Red Dwarf apparently is three episodes, starting with one on Good Friday. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of the show, and brings the crew… Back to Earth.

That looks like classic Red Dwarf!

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