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It’s cherry blossom time again in DC; the festival opened this weekend, with rain showers on Saturday making it less than ideal for the festivities, although I am sure the sun we got on Sunday afternoon allowed some people to get a good look at the blossoms at the mall.

There are a few cherry blossoms around where I live, and I thought I would try to capture it with my new camera. Alas, when I went out, we got a cloud, and a quick rain shower pass through, so the pictures I got were quick, and not with the proper lighting to show them off. Here’s a sample of what I got.



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Glad that is done

Well, it’s one of the things expected of us in academia. We go and present papers. We go and listen to the papers of others. I admit, it’s not my favorite thing at all. I prefer reading papers myself, and talking about the implications with the author.  But, it’s the way things are, and I have to do it.  The best part of conferences are interactions between papers; and this time I got to meet many young scholars like myself, and get some connections, though it is hard to keep long-term connections, except by talking to them at other conferences, unless one runs across someone else interested in the same research and decides to work together with you. Still, I think was able to get to meet more this time than at the national conference, so that should help in the future.

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For the past few months, our weather pattern has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster. 70 one do, 30 the next. It’s no wonder people get sick. And it seems right now, people are.

Now would not be the best time for me to get sick. I want to be as healthy as possible as I deliver my paper on Tolkien and Morris next week at the regional AAR meeting.

That saying, while my throat feels rough this morning, it might just be nothing. I hope it is.

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Egads, I woke a little after 1 this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards. I just hope I get an adrenaline rush to keep me through the day.

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Get On Your Boots

The video for the new U2 song is here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOwH6IqwRqM — it cannot be embeded, so one has to click on the link to watch it).

While I like the new U2 cd, I just can’t help but think this was the wrong song to use as the first single from the cd. The title song, No Line on the Horizon, would have been best. As it is, I think people will get a false impression of this album.

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I don’t know. But I have often noticed that when I am dreaming, certain words or thoughts, when I have them in the dream, suddenly bring me out of the dream and wakes me up. I don’t know if it is dream specific, if it is a one time event (since I don’t remember all my dreams), or if there are specific words which will always wake me up. This morning, the word was redemption. I don’t remember how that word came across in the dream, but I remember thinking the word, then finding myself awake thinking of the word. If dreams have the power to tell us something, what about the words which are used to wake us up?

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