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Tonight is no expection.




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It’s always cute and funny to see the birds react when someone walks by. Either they take off in a flock, and move to another bush, or they jump down inside the bush, thinking we can’t find them.


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This upset me — I’ve never understood why people, when they went out, felt the need to take their dogs with them and leave them in the car. I can understand if one is on a trip, one might take them with. But what trip leads one to a library (where I took this picture)? And with four dogs?

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No Ashes For Me

The Byzantine tradition, having already led us into Lent, does not use ashes, but rather, follows what Jesus said one is to do during fasts: anoints the faster right before the fast begins.

For those beginning Lent: I hope it is a good, spiritual time for you. We can now journey upon it together.

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The Great Fast

As the first day of the Great Fast begins, I found myself waking up early, making it clear it is going to be a long first day of the Great Fast. Thankfully, I went to Forgiveness Vespers, and partook of the annointing; hopefully the graces involved will help me make it through the day.

I do find it ironically interesting that the Great Fast begins this year on the feast of St Polycarp (i.e, his name sounds like it means many fish, though it really means much fruit).

Thy name was verified by thy works, O wise Hieromartyr Polycarp. Thou wast a fruitful olive tree in the house of the Lord, and dost nourish the Church with the spiritual bounty of thy words and deeds. Thou dost intercede for our souls, O hierarch and steadfast Prize-winner. (Troparion of St Polycarp).

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Of the films nominated, it’s clearly the best choice. It’s innovative and unique in its presentation, and, like any classic film, it highlights elements of both the best and the worst in humanity.

This clip, I think, shows the relationship Slumdog has with the Oscars… the film isn’t the one in the hotseat, the Oscars is. If it doesn’t win, everyone will know something is up.

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