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Weird Dream

The dream (or nightmare) I had last night was more than a bit odd. I’m not sure what caused it.

The location of the dream seemed to be St Athanasius in Indianapolis, but the grounds had changed. The people from St Athanasius were there, but now the property was larger, and included woods surrounding the parish, and a large enough place so people could meet outside for worship. The parish was meeting outside before liturgy for a welcoming ceremony of sorts for a group of monks who came to be guest celebrants at the liturgy, as well as a group of Ethiopians (Catholic or Orthodox?) who also came (why, I do not know). There was a kind of procession of the guests as they were being welcomed. When the Ethiopians came, they started a kind of liturgical dance. But it ended early: almost immediately after they started, a person fell out of the sky and into the lawn, dead. A couple people from the parish went over to look, and to move the body away. A couple minutes later, someone else came down from the sky, but this time with a parachute, making it clear the first person was also a parachutist whose parachute failed. Then… the sky got real dark. It was as if it were night, but at 10 am. I think some sort of liturgical rite then started; suddenly we hear gunshots; some unknown stranger, who we never could find, had come and started shooting at the monks. This disrupted everything. Surprisingly enough the crowd did not go into a panic. Instead, as quickly as orderly as possible we tried to move away from the line of fire. Shots were being fired, at random, and no one knew where to go or not to for safety. I remember getting inside the rectory and being told the monks plan to have liturgy at 4pm. Also, somewhere, I heard that the shooter wanted to kills priests, that he hated priests in general, but didn’t care who else was hurt in the crossfire (but I don’t remember where I heard it; I think it might have been from him shouting something while hidden, but I am not sure). Soon after that, I woke up. 

There was much more to the dream than this, but I don’t remember it all beyond the fact that the rest were also odd events happening around St Athanasius. That anything which could go wrong did. That everyone felt something odd was going on, but we didn’t know why.  

Now why did I dream a dream like this?


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Home Safe

I arrived to and from the AAR conference safe and sound. The trip to Chicago was the worse of the two, with the plane having speaker malfunctions, and the landing being rougher than the one had returning home. But I had some hassles to get through once I landed at Reagan: my suitcase did not appear, and I had to go and ask someone about it — to find out that it had been sent back earlier, and was locked up and ready for me to take it. Then when I got on metro, the Red Line had significant delays, making the time on the metro about 2/3 of the time I had in the air! Talk about ridiculous!

The conference itself was interesting and a learning experience. I went to a few panels, some Buddhist, some Comparative Theology, and one with James Cone at it (to see what he was like in person). With the way AAR is set up with many panels going on at the same time, it was difficult to know what exactly was going on. I missed out on some I should have gone to, or would have loved to go to, because I didn’t notice them until too late — one with Badiou, another on Asanga/Vasubandhu (the latter, I saw the end of it, so I got something out of it, but not as much as I would have liked). Beyond that, the publisher’s exhibition was great. I got to talk to quite a few publishers — and pick up many books, some for free, some greatly discounted (many which will be used on my dissertation).

Now I know how these work, I have to prepare a presentation today, hoping to get it in for a March Conference in Baltimore.

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