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Don’t Know What Happened

Yesterday evening, I had a problem with my computer: I could get on some internet sites, but others I got a DNS error. I couldn’t use google, I couldn’t get on to me email, but I could get on the MSN site. I ultimately did a search through the MSN site to figure out what to do; a couple hours later, I found one suggestion which worked (I had to type in some instructions in the command shell from Windows, and then reboot). I tried other things before then which just did nothing. I was beginning to think I had some sort of virus, even though my virus protection couldn’t find any.

So that’s a couple hours out of my life, and I just don’t know why. Hopefully I won’t have this happen again!


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Surprising Sunday

Yesterday morning, I was planning to go to Target before church, and to get a few odds and ends I needed and they sold at fair prices. When I got to it, I found it was closed until 11 — the whole area it was in was being blocked off by police so they can train how to deal with a sniper in a public area like a mall.

Once I got to church, I was surprised at how quick liturgy went; it was one of the quickest I’ve had at St Gregory’s for quite sometime. There was nothing extra added to it, to keep it going on and on and on, as often happens. I hope this will be more common; I understand why the extra prayers have been added (many are special requests made by someone in the parish community), but when it happens week after week after week, it becomes too much. I don’t know why I think this, since it shouldn’t affect me this way, but it does. This means I still have that much more work to do with myself to engender a greater appreciation of patience.

The rain we had on Saturday, for the most part, cleared out on Sunday; but it did not do so perfectly, because when I went out in the early evening to do some reading, a small, brief, light shower fell upon me. I decided it was best to go indoors and let it pass — I was, by that time, sitting in an area between the Giant and my apartment, and so I determined that I should go to the grocery store and get my shopping done. By the time I was done, the rain had stopped, and I got what I needed for the week.

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Saturday, the weather was a mix of rain and no-rain. I was able to get some needed work done in the morning, and I went out to eat for supper. Walking back home, I was stopped by some cultist — I don’t know what cult she was a member of, but her words were clearly indicative that she was a part of a cult. She was approaching everyone, especially when they were stopped at a stoplight, saying hi to them, trying to get them to go with her, but of course people don’t go with strangers like that, especially strangers who say weird things, and just are not dressed appropriate for the weather. The bad thing is, whatever cult she is a part of, it clearly doesn’t care for its members – having them approach strangers like, and try to get people to go with them like that, is likely to get someone hurt, and that is probably the cultist themself.

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Friday was the annual “Crabfest” at CUA, and so I went to get the free food and beer (they always have veggie burgers) and catch up on people I’ve not seen for sometime (Andy, Will, etc). The problem with how they dealt with the rain we were having is to put half of it inside (with the food), half outside (with the beer).  While the rain stopped for a good portion of it, it was also a cool day, and so the combination of the two wasn’t the best for health. I think I am feeling the effects of staying outside for about an hour, because I noticed my nose and throat both felt a bit stuffed up.  But all in all, it was good to go, and while I was there, I was able to pick up my pay stub.

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Yesterday I had to do a double take as I was walking to the student center on campus. Next to the art building I saw an albino squirrel. At least, I take it that it must have been an albino — it was perfectly snow white, and I’ve never seen a squirrel like that before. But since I didn’t actually get to see its eyes, I can only infer without final evidence it was an albino (at first I thought, did it get into some paint, but the white was perfect and natural, so it wasn’t that).

As my students were entering class yesterday, I had music from MC Yogi being played (he combines Hindu chants with modern hip-hop style music); I think most people appreciated it for what it was (something amusing, funny, and a bit fun). Things like that help break down tension and put people at ease. Afterwards, it was Patrick’s turn to teach again, and he did a good job presenting the history of Indian art and relating their historical epics.

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The United States

Things are strange in the United States. Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever heard a major candidate for president has ever said, “I am going to suspend my campaign to help deal with the economy.” Of course it is a clear political ploy: he doesn’t know anything about economics, there is hardly anything he can do himself to deal with the economy, and he continues to do campaign work (as David Letterman found out). So, as someone else asked yesterday, what exactly happens when a campaign stops? And what exactly will McCain, Obama and Bush do, now that Bush has asked to work together on this?

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The Song (Gita) is now done

Well, I finally got to finish my discussion of the Gita; I felt the end of it was a bit weak (I sort of got lost in my presentation, and couldn’t find the text I wanted to use and quote to them). But the greatest difficulty is to give them a presentation of the text without having them read it; I really hate using someone else’s book list, when it goes like that. The Gita is a beautiful work, and merely talking about it without having the students read it, will make it appear less than it actually is. Oh well; this is yet another learning experience — what happens when one takes over a class with books one wouldn’t otherwise use. I am glad there is someone there who I know I can talk to (my TA) to make sure we keep on task and that I am making sense.

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