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Another Odd Animal

Yesterday, I didn’t see any more animals attacking one another, but I did see a squirrel at the edge of the sidewalk. It was standing up, except its back legs were totally pressed upon the sidewalk, making me think at first that it was hurt. I didn’t get close to it, but when it saw me, it stood up and ran away.

I don’t know what it was doing, but its pose reminded me of a soldier going under barbed wire, except it wasn’t moving. Was it watching something, stalking it? There is no way to tell. But it clearly is yet another odd experience I’ve had with animals this week.


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I went outside yesterday afternoon to read on the same bench I was on the day before. While sitting there, I saw a bird fly in to a tree and get attacked by another bird (and neither were the same bird which attacked the squirrel). Is there something in the tree all these animals want and fight over? Something they eat which causes them to fight one another? Or is it just coincidence I am seeing this? Or is God trying to show me a sign through animals? Probably not.

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I was able to enjoy the lovely weather we were having yesterday, and do some of my reading outside. While sitting on a bench, I saw a bird (I think a robin) chasing after a squirrel. I didn’t see what happened, but I thought of three reasons why this could have happened: the squirrel just went to the wrong tree, and did nothing more, the squirrel took an egg (probably not), or the squirrel first attacked the bird before the bird responded. I did ponder on whether or not Native Americans would have seen such an event as a sign, and if so, what kind.


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Hot and Humid

Being back at my apartment for a full day, I’ve noticed the big difference between the weather here and what I experienced last week. In Indianapolis, it was cool, and nice. Here, it was upper 80s, and very very humid, and thus, miserable. Give me mild weather any day!

However, things are supposed to be better today; the rain which I left behind me has come and will be gone by the end of the morning, leaving behind much cooler weather. In fact, it might be great outside this afternoon, not too hot, not too cool, and hopefully, with much less humidity. It might even be the kind of weather which is perfect to go outside in to read.

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I’m back home; I will need one day to catch my breath and get some basic things done around my apartment (buy groceries, finish unpacking, catch up on e-mail with some friends, etc). Once all of that is done, I hope to do some reading this afternoon.

Driving home yesterday, a young deer ran across the highway right in front of me. Luckily, at the time, the road me was not busy and I could swerve around it as I put my foot on the break to slow down my car. If that wasn’t the case, the deer would have run right into me. As I travelled on in the day, the road became busier, until I was in the middle of a long line of cars, using both lanes of the highway, which made it difficult to do anything but just staying put and keeping pace with everyone else. That’s the kind of traffic which makes for accidents; thankfully, that did not happen.

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The Road does go ever on, but for the next few days, while I am away and visiting family, I probably will not be writing anything here, unless something really interesting happens which needs to be reported on.

Before the brief pause, here is a brief review of Doctor Who, The Unicorn and the Wasp: another disappointing episode, one which had so much promise but just didn’t live up to it. I would give it a 6/10.

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I Guess That’s That

I woke up at my normal time this morning, so it seems I am not forming new sleeping patterns. I just had a couple days of abnormal sleep.

It looks like Sunday I will be getting together with a couple friends for lunch; Tommy will be in town for the weekend, and we are setting up the time to get together. It’s been awhile since I’ve last seen him in person (although it seems like, has it really been that long?) He’s now working on his comps for the fall.

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