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I am glad they turned on the AC for the building, because, despite the coolness of the air in the morning (47 degrees right now), it will get hotter in the day, and the AC will be needed. But the way the weather is, it also means when one goes out in the morning, one needs to be prepared — for the whole day, for the cool air in the morning and the heat of the noonday sun.

I was able to get better sleep last night, so I hope today will end up more productive because of it. Yesterday just dragged on by, sadly. 


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What happened to sleep?

Last night, I woke up an hour early, and my sleep was disturbed before then. Alas. I did sleep with weird dreams, once again. I don’t remember what they were now, I just remember waking up wondering how I had such dreams.

It was interesting to find out that a professor whose works I used to write a paper I am putting on Vox Nova has found the paper, and so far liked what I’ve done with it. We will see how it goes when it gets more controversial and especially into his specialty (Synesius of Cyrene).

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The roads around DC are going to be bad — very bad — today. Not only will we have all the problems rain causes in the middle of rush hour, many truckers are coming to DC today to protest the rising gas prices. It’s going to be crazy on the streets. While I do not think the truckers are planning to block the streets in protest, just having an excessive amount will add to the normal congestion we have on DC highways and streets.

Yesterday was, for me, a fairly good day — when it comes to my fatigue. It didn’t get to be too bad. I had a slight headache but it was able to be taken care of. And while there was a bit of downtime, it wasn’t as long or as bad as it has been of late. Then last night, I got to bed at a fair time, which again is good, but woke up about 30 mins earlier than my “normal” time, so I don’t know what to make of that and what to expect today. But it should be, I think, ok. I hope.

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Sunday Snooze

I slept in a bit later than normal. This must be because of how comfortable it is in here now with the AC being on. I had a weird dream where I was driving a long distance back home, but I was constantly getting lost (even though I know the way by heart) and I was constantly finding myself on side roads which led nowhere.

Doctor Who yesterday was an enjoyable one. It’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most of this season so far. It was not a great literary script filled with a complex plot and twists and turns at every angle, but just a nice, fun, straightforward story with the Sontarans. There also seemed to be a Horns of Nimon feel with it. I wonder if that will continue next week or not.

It’s been raining all night, and I think it might rain all day today. I just hope if it does, it’s not a heavy rain when I am out driving.

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Finally, the AC has been turned on in my apartment building. We’ve had a few hot days in a row, and it’s been difficult relying upon fans and open windows alone to stay cool. But now with the AC, it’s easier to sleep at night, and easier to work during the day. I’ve needed it.

Yesterday was an odd day for me; when I got to CUA the computers were not working too well to do the research I needed to do, so I came home, rested, and went out last night to see a video presentation of how JFK’s funeral was done. It was shown at St Matthew’s, the Cathedral which is where the funeral took place. They found the video in the archives and do not know much of its history, and recently they converted it to DVD so it can be preserved better. It was interesting to see the Tridentine Liturgy — once again confirming to me why VII was right in pushing for liturgical reform, even if the reform is incomplete to this day.

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Well, That was That

The headache tried to stay with me all day yesterday, after starting up on Weds. However, it was mild and almost not there — instead of the nasty way it made itself known when it first came upon me. So, hopefully, today I can get some work done.

Which is what I plan to do at CUA today. I need to print out several articles on Balthasar. I went to campus briefly yesterday to get to the bookstore and buy some of Balthasar’s texts in German. What an expensive trip that was.

My sleep last night was filled with odd dreams, but at least it was a night full of sleep.


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What a Headache

Well, that’s what I’ve had over the last day. A headache which won’t go away. It is still there, although right now it is not as painful as it was yesterday.

But it did mean I didn’t get as good a sleep as I wanted. I even woke up with dreams affected by the headache. I know I had several dreams over the night, but I can’t remember them now.

Hopefully one more dose of medicine and the headache will be finally taken care of.

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