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My Hands Still Hurt

For the last week, my hands have been quite painful. They continue to be that way. I am trying to use arthritis cremes to help, and they do, but the relief is limited and temporary. I am not sure when this will end, but I am sure it will, sometime.

Yesterday, I put my name at St Gregory’s for a “lottery” to get one of three tickets to the Papal Mass. We will see if I get one.

I went to bed around my normal time last night extremely tired; I woke up 30 mins later than my average time this morning — I hope that means I’ve regained some lost sleep time from last week.


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Thomas Sunday

As the eighth day of Pascha, Thomas Sunday can be seen to represent the fact that Jesus leads us into the new week of creation, the everlasting eighth day. But it is also the affirmation of the human condition. Most of us, like Thomas, have heard of the resurrection without seeing it; some of us need strong evidence in order to believe, others find it easy to believe. Whichever we are, Jesus understands; remembering Thomas we remember the human condition. It is acceptable to question – as long as it is done properly: it must be oriented towards truth and not away from it.  

With his inquisitive right hand, Thomas probed Thy life-giving side, O Christ our God. For when Thou didst enter, the doors being shut, with the rest of the Apostles he cried to Thee: Thou art my Lord and my God.  (Kontakion, Thomas Sunday).

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Bright Saturday

We are nearing the end of the “8 Days of Easter,” but that won’t mean it is the end of the Easter Season. The 8 Days of Easter look at the whole time as “Easter,” but the days which follow will still be within the Easter-spirit, a spirit of joy and celebration, as we remember the death and resurrection of Christ.


Sleep last night seems to have been better; I got to sleep quite easily, and slept, more or less, through the night (only waking up briefly a couple times). I even feel a bit more refreshed from it all, which I needed. But I won’t know how refreshed until later.

Yesterday, we didn’t really get the expected rain during the day; it did cool down a bit, making it rather nice. So, once again, the weather predictions were somewhat wrong.

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Bright Friday

Well, at least ecclesiastically, it is bright; we will be getting rain here later in the day. It is expected to get around 70 today — which means it will be quite uncomfortable inside this afternoon, and with the rain, it won’t be nice outside to get away from it. 

I was able to sleep in this morning, going about 20 minutes past my average, but I don’t feel as if I had enough to catch up with all the sleep I’ve lost this week. I should feel refreshed when I wake, but I often don’t.

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Bright Thursday

Moving  closer to the eighth day of Pascha, we must remember that our new life in Christ is itself the “eighth day” of creation, the beginning of the new, ever-lasting week.


Last night, I continued to have problems getting to sleep, but I felt as if it was not as difficult as the night before. I still feel drained from it all. On top of it all, my left hand is getting really sore from arthritis this week, with the middle finger sometimes feeling really painful if I bend it too much. I don’t know if there is anything else going on to make for the pain — am I trying differently of late? I don’t think so. Is it the mouse? I don’t think so. But because of the difference, I’ve got to see if I am doing anything to cause it.

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Bright Week Continues

We are at the half-way mark of Bright Week. Easter and its celebrations continue. Christ’s resurrection changes everything; even the way we look at time. The day of the Lord is greater than human days, and this is exemplified by how Easter is celebrated.


Last night, I just couldn’t get to sleep. And I kept waking up once I did get to sleep. I do think I got probably five hours of sleep, through it all, so it wasn’t completely a sleepless night, but it wasn’t my best night sleep either.

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It is one of those rare times when the annunciation takes place during bright week (and not lent). Because of its connection to the Feast of the Nativity, it is not forgotten but commemorated with Bright Week itself.


Yesterday morning, when I went out to get some coffee, there was a helicopter hovering right over my apartment complex for about thirty minutes. Many of us were watching it, curious as to what it was doing there. I couldn’t find out anything about it, but something just didn’t seem right. It was done so early, I am sure it woke people up!

Last night, I was quite tired, and went to bed early; I didn’t sleep in as late as some days, but I awoke close to my normal time, so I suspect I needed the rest.

Listening to the news this morning, I am hearing that some truckers are calling for a strike on April 1, because of the high gas costs. Certainly, even though there was a slight decrease in gas prices today, the overall average is going up and up — and there seems to be no end in sight. Unless something happens soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if the nation slowly devolves into chaos as it can’t keep up with the prices. Is this what is wanted, I wonder?

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