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Earlier this week, I had to buy some vitamins. Looking at what was out, I was surprised at how many of them have fish oil in them. I don’t understand why this is the case. I guess some people think fish oil helps, but for vitamins? 

This is why I always look at labels when I buy something new. One never knows what is hidden in them.

Still, when I take vitamins, half of the time I can swallow them without problem, the other half of the time they can’t get down and just slowly dissolve in my mouth (as is the case right now as I write this). I wish I knew why.



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Rain: gone. Cold: back

Well, the rain is gone, but in its wake, the cold, arctic air has returned. I don’t think I will be seeing people running outside in shorts today (I was surprised to see some people doing so yesterday; yes, it felt warmer, but not that warm).

Today is an important day on the eastern calendar: The Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom. However, it is also the Weds. before Great Lent, making it an a-liturgical day. That’s right, there is no liturgy, no mass, today. To make up for it, while the official feast is today, its liturgical celebration was a day earlier this year. So it’s two days for the price of one for them this year.

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Just a Rainy Day

Well, it looks like it will be rain in the morning, a bit of a relief during the day, and rain once again at night. 

At least that means it will not be extra-cold outside today.

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I Finished a Short Story

Over the last few days, I was able to quickly write a short story, Fermi’s Pair of Ducks,  edit it, have a friend at CUA look over it, re-edit it according to his comments, and polish it off. 

The story didn’t exactly go as I planned when I first thought it out. There were aspects of discovery I wanted to have in it initially, but I didn’t know how to make it happen in such a short space. So I left some things a mystery — and it probably is the best, since the author should know more about the events in a story than what they write down.

Nonetheless, I submitted it to http://www.strangehorizons.comfor their magazine. Having an online place to submit short stories makes it easier than having to print it out and send it off. Now, I just hope it gets accepted.

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Meatfare Sunday

In a little more than a week, it will be the time of the Great Fast. I went to Matins service this morning before Divine Liturgy. It was nice to get the extra blessing (which happens during the Matins service), although I just cannot do Matins every time I go (it makes for a very long morning, with a lot of chanting and standing up, which creates all kinds of aches by the time the morning is over). Still, I try to go at least once every couple of months. And I thought today would be a good day to do it.

While at St Gregory’s, I noticed that the thermostat was set at 65F. I finally understood why it was always cold in the sanctuary during winter. Before today, I thought that something was wrong with the furnace. I’m sure others have noticed, since I see about half of the people who go to church tend tend to wear coats throughout the whole liturgy. It’s due, I am sure, with the cost of heating, which I am sure is especially high for a large space as a church.

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Morning Cleanup

Another Saturday, another day to stay in and do some cleaning. At least for the morning. This afternoon, I want to get some writing done, but we will see how far that goes. I have some ideas which I need to get down before I forget them, even if it is just outlining the ideas for some future date/time.

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Sleep? What’s That?

I don’t know why, but last night I just couldn’t sleep right. I just couldn’t fall asleep, and when I did, it was only for brief periods of sleep before waking back up. I know I did get some, but it’s hard to tell how much when one keeps waking up. I probably got more than I believe I did, but far less than I needed.

It’s going to be a very long day. But today might be one of those days I can get a bit of a nap. We shall see.

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