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I really like Halloween.

It’s not an Eastern Catholic celebration (All Saints for us is the Sunday after Pentecost). Nonetheless, it’s a very traditional celebration, one which goes back to pre-Christian times. Many different peoples saw this time of the year to be the end of the year itself. The annual cycle reached its end. Summer and its fruitfulness is gone. Indeed, death has claimed for itself a power over the earth itself. The realm of the living and the realm of the dead, normally separated from each other, meet, just as the end of one year meets the new year.

No wonder, with such rich imagery, that the Church in her wisdom decided to incorporate it in her celebrations. The Western celebration of All Saints and All Souls reflect this ancient understanding, but baptizes it, showing how even pre-Christian intuitions can be taken up in Christ and given a new, greater value. There is now a sense of hope, a sense of glory for the day. Because Christ has conquered Hades, because Christ has conquered death through his death, we no longer have to fear its power over us. We might die but we can live eternally in Christ. 


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Cool Air

It’s a nice, cool morning outside. We have had our first major fall frost for the year. The rain brought in more than an end to our drought, but it also brought an end to the above-average temperatures we have had to face throughout October.

Walking to the grocery store this morning, looking at the windows on all of the cars, I felt a sense of gladness that I did not have to do any driving this morning. One of the things I do not enjoy about the fall is having to scrape off the frost from the windows of my car. It should not be a problem, and it was not always a problem; however, with my arthritis, whenever I am finished, my arm and hands are sore and I have to wait a few minutes before the pain dissipates.

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I Made a Mess

Marvin and his wife were not at St Gregory’s today. That left me to make the bulletins by myself, and then afterwards to try to make the coffee.

The coffee maker was not one I had used before. It is made to make a lot of coffee and a lot of coffee fast. There is no on-off switch for the coffee maker itself; there are three switches to turn on or off the various burners on the machine.

Thinking I got everything ready, I started to pour in the water into the machine. Immediately it starts to pour out as hot coffee. I did not know what to do. I tried to get the water into the machine quickly and then to capture it with the coffee decanter I was using to pour the water. The decanter was able to catch most of it, but there was some time where the coffee started to pour out without the decanter underneath to receive it.

So for half of the morning before liturgy, I was trying to clean up the mess I made.  But at least the coffee was made.

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And then there was light

After a morning clothed in darkness, the rain has departed, revealing at last the glorious light of day. 

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Please Pray

Sometimes one wonders why one turns on the news.  Right now it just seems everything bad which can happen is happening.

Last week, Bush started talking about the possibility of World War III. Then came the wildfires of California, which are still incapable of being put out. So many people dead, so many more with their lives utterly devastated. It seems that at least some of those fires were the result of arson. Hopefully they catch the people who set them before they can do more harm.   

Then yesterday evening and this morning, the local news has been discussing a rather sad situation. A young, four year old girl was abducted from a Mormon Church and sexually assaulted and abused before being dropped off a mile away from where she was abducted. The news says they are still looking for the man responsible. Hopefully they find the guy before he can strike again.

And yet the rain continues to drop. 

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Rain continues to fall. We have not had this much rain at one time for over six months. While this is good for the region, it still seems to be too much at one time. The rivers are swelling up and beginning to flood. Luckily, it will not affect me unless we continue to have rain like this for forty days and forty nights, but it still shows how the weather can swiftly turn from one extreme to another.

Some people like going out in the rain. Sometimes, I am one of them. But if I have to go anywhere with personal belongings, such as books, I don’t. I am always concerned that they will be ruined by the rain. Umbrellas, while they help, never protect well enough to make one entirely water-proof.

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More Rain

I’m hoping this will not become the norm for the next few weeks. We have had rain all night, and it has been raining again this morning. It is supposed to stop during the day, but it also looks like we will get more rain this weekend.

It’s good for the crops. It’s good for water reserves. We have needed it.

However, there can be too much of a good thing as well.

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