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Pick Your Favorite Scotch

It is always interesting to see the kinds of conversations I will have with the people at St Gregory of Nyssa on Sundays. It is not always what one expects.  

For example, this morning, Marvin and I were putting together the bulletins for the week, and while we were doing that, we were talking about scotch. He told me he was running out and wanted me to make some suggestions of which brands to choose from or try. He likes to sip some from time to time, so a bottle lasts for some time.

When George arrived, Marvin told George that we were talking about his favorite topic — booze, and, in particular, scotch. George mentioned he had a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue (a $250 bottle)  that he had been given and did not know when he would open it. He said he wanted to make sure it was the right time. Marvin just pointed out it should be sooner than later (they are both World War II Veterans, and so, Marvin was just suggesting he better use it while he can or before it is too late and he will never use it). 

We then started talking about politics. George agreed with me: the two parties are both full of crooks, and neither are really looking for the best interests of the American people. I’ve found, more often than not, the older people get, the more they realize this.

I just wonder why, if I have I realized it as such an early age, most people do not.


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Boxing Up Books

I’ve known for some time that I have needed to get the books I am working with for my dissertation together. They were scattered throughout my bookcases, making it difficult to keep track of them all. After doing my normal house cleaning, I decided to box up some books (ones I have on Egypt, the Mayans, and the plurality of worlds), and move my Balthasar and Yogacarin texts together to replace them. 


While this is a start, I should probably box up more books within the next week or two. My bookcases are overfilled. Some books I have will not be used within the next year, and it would help clear up my shelves. 

I just need to make sure I only pack up the right ones. 

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Last night, it rained. We did not get much rain, but it rained. We were told that would be the end of it. This morning there were some dark clouds in the sky, but it looked like they were going away.

Of course, after I got to CUA, it started to rain.

Thankfully the rain was light and it has already stopped. While this morning it felt like the humidity we have had for the last few days has stayed behind, after this brief sprinkling of rain, it is already feeling better, cooler, less humid outside. Now if it will only stay like this.

Jonathan Loopstra, who started his PhD program at CUA at the same time as I, told me he is nearing completion of his work and also that he is getting married this November. While he will have been engaged for less than a year by the time he gets married, it is with someone he has known for years. 

Fr. Frank Dupuis has decided not to finish his doctoral work. He feels the time, effort, and cost will not be worth it at his age. He is looking to move to Texas sometime in the near future.

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Collecting Data

I’m at CUA today reading from Balthasar and collecting articles and dissertations people have written either on Balthasar or Comparative Theology. If they are online as PDFs, I have created directories for them and copied them to my computer. Too bad not all articles are so readily available: it would save my fingers a lot of work.

Kevin came to do some study at the library today, and so I asked him to look over my computer as I went to get some coffee. I was late out the door this morning and had yet to have any; my throat, while not sore, still feels the remains of the flu still trying to attack it, and I need something hot to help loosen whatever is left up and to help it in its evacuation. In other words, there was a double need for the coffee: for the energy it provides but also to help clear my throat!

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Lack of Sleep Makes Me Cranky

Whenever I do not get enough sleep, I am always more than a little cranky. I am more on the edge, and easily irritated. My passions are left with less guards, and they are given more control than they should.

Last night, I did not sleep well. I could not fall asleep nor could I stay asleep.

I’m trying very hard to be at peace. It’s not easy when one just feels just a few nods away from being a zombie!

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Coughing with Coffee

While my throat is better, and it is no longer hurting as it has done the past few days, it is still irritated and causing me to cough every few minutes. I know the flu is on its way out, but it still wants to remind me of its power over my life: my energy and concentration are still less than they should be. However, I was able to get out to Caribou and have some of my morning coffee and read through a hundred and forty or so pages from Balthasar. Well, many of them I skimmed through — getting the general concept, but finding myself not needing to take many notes.  

People have noticed how few the plugs are at Caribou, and are doing something about it; one guy brought in an extension cord, allowing three of us to use laptops at the same area of the store.

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Library Research

Despite being sick, I went to the research orientation at the Library of Congress. I am not as bad off as I was yesterday, but I am still coughing and still have a very sore throat.

I was not sure whether or not my online registration for the class had been received by the Library of Congress; I have not been sent any confirmation email. I still do not know, but apparently, it does not matter; I was able to get to the class and learn the procedures  they have in place. 

While they have great resources, the thing I found most disturbing is the cost they charge to copy documents: 20 cents a page. While it could be higher, it’s near enough the most expensive charge I’ve seen in the area. I just hope the copiers are easy to use, otherwise, mistakes will end up being very costly!

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